UX New Zealand

User experience conference, Wellington

6 8 November 2013

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UX New Zealand 2013 will be a 3-day user experience design conference – the first dedicated UX conference in NZ. It will start with a day of hands-on workshops; and will then have two full days of presentations.

29 speakers

  • Andrea Resmini @resmini
  • Stephen Anderson @stephenanderson
  • Steve 'Doc' Baty @docbaty
  • James Burgess James Burgess is an expert technical writer and information designer.
  • Judy Knighton Judy Knighton has been a writer, editor, and publications developer of government and corporate documents for more than 30 years
  • Bennett King @skunkwurx
  • Emma Pittar-Knight A majority of my experience is in re-imagining large masses of information that have grown organically over time. On projects I’m usually UX lead.
  • Dave O'Brien Dave has been a UI designer and information architect for 15 years, working in the USA for Qualcomm and Intuit, and more recently in NZ for Optimal Experience.
  • ilanakaplan @ilanakaplan
  • Justin Sinclair @justinsincl
  • Christian Lafrance @madeinlafrance
  • Raymond van der Zalm I’m a User Experience Strategist currently working on a user experience strategy for ABC News.
  • Stephanie Creasy @pattercake
  • Christopher Konrad Christopher started KONRAD, an experience design company, in San Diego California on April fool’s day in 2011.
  • Matthew Gould Matt is the Auckland director of Lushai, a user experience agency with offices in Auckland and Wellington.
  • Boon Sheridan Rosenfeld Media @boonerang
  • penny hagen @pennyhagen
  • Ruth Brown Ruth loves users. She’s currently at Trade Me trying to improve the experience for its 3.2 million users. Before Trade Me, Ruth worked at Optimal Experience.
  • Julian Apatu @japatu
  • Kat Hardisty @KatAtKB
  • alixvale @alixvale
  • Nathan Wall @_Nathan_W_
  • Jared Gulian Jared works as a web strategist and advisor to the New Zealand government.
  • Adam Kendall Adam Kendall is the User Experience specialist for the Online team at National Australia Bank (NAB).

23 sessions

Day 1 Wednesday 6th November 2013

Day 2 Thursday 7th November 2013

Day 3 Friday 8th November 2013

24 known attendees

  • Donna Spencer
  • UXAustralia
  • Jason Lerke
  • Matt Allen
  • Andrew Mayfield
  • Papiskie
  • efe awanbor
  • Andrea Resmini
  • Stephen Anderson
  • Steve 'Doc' Baty
  • Bennett King
  • ilanakaplan
  • Justin Sinclair
  • Christian Lafrance
  • Stephanie Creasy
  • Boon Sheridan
  • penny hagen
  • Julian Apatu
  • Kat Hardisty
  • alixvale
  • Nathan Wall
  • kendall
  • Max Johns
  • Shane Morris

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  • Ian Fenn
  • Nick Parfene
  • R
  • Alex Gibson
  • James Young
  • alberta soranzo
  • Mariya
  • Scott McGibbon
  • Rob Sanheim
  • Václav Stoupa
  • Samson Ootoovak
  • Sandy Mamoli
  • Amie Parker
  • Kelsey Johnson
  • Michelle Lipira
  • James Christie
  • Andrew Esler
  • halorgium
  • Kaleem
  • Lee McIvor
  • Christopher Skene
  • Ben Callahan
  • Craig Harrison
  • Steve Smith

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