UX Scotland 2013

The event for the Scottish UX community

20 21 June 2013

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From the organisers of UX Cambridge comes another practical UX conference. Track the event here on Lanyrd or follow @uxscotland for regular updates.

Conference keynotes are Jeff Gothelf (@jboogie) and Giles Colborne (@gilescolborne).

The conference schedule includes 30+ practical UX sessions to improve how you work and plenty of time for meeting other UX practitioners.

Thanks you to neo and User Vision for sponsoring this event and the many members of the Scottish , UK and European UX communities who helped make this event happen.

40 speakers

  • Giles Colborne @gilescolborne UX Scotland Keynote speaker. Managing Director at cxpartners.
  • Jeff Gothelf @jboogie UX Scotland Keynote speaker. Designer, O'Reilly author of Lean UX book, Speaker, Dad, Husband, Musician, Managing director @neo_innovation http://leandayux.com
  • Alexander Baxevanis @futureshape User Experience Designer & Creative Generalist @Webcredible
  • Graham Odds @g_odds Developer / designer / opinionated nuisance. Lover of science, loud music and icecream.
  • Annette Priest @AnnettePriest UX Strategy | Research | Design Consultant .:. Founder - Revel Insight
  • Paul Stevens @ChunkyUX Senior UX/UI Designer at moneysupermarket.com.
  • Avi Itzkovitch @xgmedia Independent UI/UX Consultant...I am a creative thinker with initiative and passion to change the world.
  • Mike Atherton @MikeAtherton Digital product designer, chief UX wrangler at @huddle, and saggy old cloth cat.
  • Jen Thomson @lilmisstee Freelance Designer & Front End Developer. Music lover. Dundonian. Geek. Blether. Masterchef. Creative genius
  • Bonny Colville-Hyde @almostexact UX Consultant who goes on adventures, skiis in Lapland, crafter & proud Girl Geek
  • Andrew Zusman @UXAndrew User experience designer at Inkod-Hypera, writer, and the creator of the 52 Designers project (http://52designers.com)
  • Ben Holliday @BenHolliday Husband / Father / User Experience Designer @FreeAgent - Kendal, UK
  • James Offer @joffley Freelance Interaction/UX designer. Design, sport, data viz and occasionally kittens. Australian in London.
  • Martin Belam @MartinBelam Designer & journalist. Founder of digital consultancy Emblem. Writes about UX, journalism & digital media at http://martinbelam.com. Helps organise @thisisldnia
  • Sam Nixon @SamNixon UXer at RBS/NatWest. Unashamed foodie. Amateur investor. Trainee port connoisseur. TMS fanboy.
  • Paul-Jervis Heath @pauljervisheath I design digital products and services. I build design teams and work with clients to develop their experience strategy.
  • Ian Fenn @ifenn Consultant Information architect and UX designer. I take work seriously. Twitter less so - I am the UX Court Jester.
  • Stephanie Rieger @stephanierieger Designer, writer, book lover and closet anthropologist. Mostly focussed on the mobile web. Mostly based in Edinburgh. http://yiibu.com
  • Chris Rourke @crourke Displaced American, MD of User Vision, UX and usability consultancy (@UserVision), proud dad, frequent traveller.
  • Oli Shaw @olishaw Design Strategist / Strategic Designer
  • Rick Monro @monro Design professional, architecture aficionado. electronica/comics fan. UX Director at Tibus.com in Belfast
  • Lorraine Paterson @lorraine_p User experience designer, also blogger, painter, home cook, baker, veg grower and cat owner among other things!
  • Michele Ide-Smith @micheleidesmith UX Specialist at Red Gate. Sketchnoter. Organises @camusability events. Fan of Jack Russell terriers.
  • David Gauquelin @david_gau Trying to do things in a good way

Coverage of UX Scotland 2013

31 sessions

Day 1 Thursday 20th June 2013

Day 2 Friday 21st June 2013

66 known attendees

  • Francis Rowland
  • Allan C. Lloyds
  • UX Scotland
  • Kate Ho
  • Lorraine Paterson
  • Emily Roebling
  • Jacqui Davidson
  • Jason Rados
  • Mark Dalgarno
  • Stephen Yu
  • Cara Hanman
  • Duich McKay
  • Andrew
  • Suzie bowman
  • Ramesh Bajgain
  • david sloan
  • Tyler Tate
  • Neil Allison
  • craignicol
  • Dougie
  • Paul Trenchard-Seys
  • RookieOven
  • Robin Böhm
  • Michael Dalgarno
  • Giles Colborne
  • Jeff Gothelf
  • Alexander Baxevanis
  • Graham Odds
  • Annette Priest
  • Paul Stevens
  • Avi Itzkovitch
  • Mike Atherton
  • Jen Thomson
  • Bonny Colville-Hyde
  • Andrew Zusman
  • Ben Holliday
  • James Offer
  • Martin Belam
  • Sam Nixon

130 people tracking this event

  • Stuart Curran
  • Sam
  • Nick Dunlavey
  • Fee Schmidt-Soltau
  • Gavin Wye
  • R
  • Chris Risdon
  • James Mellers
  • Darwin Peltan
  • Dan Donald
  • Infodesign UK
  • Jill Lin
  • Heidi Blanton
  • Riccardo Cambiassi
  • Philip Roberts
  • Daria Bernabei
  • karl
  • vanissa wanick (▰˘◡˘▰)
  • Donna Spencer
  • Sam England
  • Dr Makayla Miranda Lewis
  • Andrew Duncan
  • James Box
  • Lis Hubert
  • James Young
  • Rach Solo 🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺
  • Stuart Church
  • Danny Hope
  • Chris Clarke
  • Jason Bootle
  • Boon Chew
  • alberta soranzo
  • Yukiko (Kashiwai) Iwamoto
  • Joe Wright
  • Malene Patsche Kjeldsen
  • Kate Pincott
  • Billy Kennedy
  • Jens Wedin
  • Annie Drynan

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    Marketing Coordinator at Software Acumen

  • Jacqui Davidson @JacquiDDavidson

    Events Co-ordinator at Software Acumen.

  • MarkDalgarno @MarkDalgarno

    Conference Organiser

  • RookieOven @RookieOven

    Official UX Scotland Bloggers

  • Ryan Haney @happygeneralist

    Experience Designer

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