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Monday 29th April 2013

  • Hands-on introduction to XPages development

    by Paul Della-Nebbia

    Get started with XPages development in this three-hour, hands-on session. Start with an introduction to the Domino Designer in Eclipse (DDE) platform to get an understanding of Perspectives, Views, and Editors. Explore the XPages architecture and then create a simple XPages application. Get expert instruction to add controls to your XPages as well as creating buttons to perform simple actions like switching between read and edit mode. Find out how to add components to your XPages applications using Custom Controls and get an understanding of the role and relationship of libraries, namespaces, facets, and keys. Step through a demonstration of advanced XPages techniques, including filtering the documents in a View control and combining a View and a Document on one XPages design. Leave with the skills necessary to start building world-class XPages applications when you return to your office. Prerequisites: For the hands-on portion of this jumpstart, your laptop must have Domino Designer 8.5.1 or higher installed (download here: http://www.ibm.com/developerwork...) and a current web browser client.

    At 9:00am to 12:00pm, Monday 29th April

  • Mobilizing your IBM Notes and Domino applications with XPages Mobile Controls

    by Paul Della-Nebbia

    Find out how to mobilize your IBM Notes applications for access from iOS, Android, BlackBerry and other mobile devices using the Mobile Controls from the Extension Library. Learn the difference between native, hybrid, and mobile web applications. See just how easy it can be to securely get contact information stored in a Notes/Domino database, like the Domino Directory or a Customer Tracking application, and get it into the hands of your mobile workforce to initiate a call, send a text or email message, or locate them on a map. Get expert tips to build secure mobile applications by leveraging Domino's robust security model. Attend this session and get the jump on mobilizing your Notes and Domino applications today!

    At 1:30pm to 4:30pm, Monday 29th April


  • Calendaring and scheduling APIs in IBM Notes and Domino

    by Dave Delay

    Learn about the calendaring and scheduling (C&S) APIs in IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition and beyond. Whether you develop in C, LotusScript, Java, or XPages Server-side JavaScript, Social Edition has new interfaces for you. This demo-rich session will cover the C&S API stack including easy access to the Notes and Domino calendar model without compromising the rich functionality your application requires. Also hear about IBM's plans for a REST calendar service in a future release.

  • Case Study: Access all your IBM Lotus Notes application from a web browser - without rewriting a line of code

    by Daniel Lieber and Matthew Mangels

    Come hear how business partner Innovative Ideas Unlimited, Inc. (IIUI) has been leveraging the power of the new browser plugin client available with IBM Notes 9. Step through implementation options, performance, local replication, security, mail access, ID management and various other concerns. Get the lowdown about the current limits of the plugin, scenarios for which it's a perfect fit, as well as where customers might be better served with the traditional client. Hear how the plugin allowed IIUI to keep the majority of its Records Management application in tact while putting development dollars into new features like mobile access, enhanced workflow, and deeper product integration that bring more value to their users.

  • Clearing the fog: What a developer needs to know about moving to the cloud

    by Daniel Lieber and Matthew Mangels

    Find out what developers need to know about migrating their on-premises development environments to cloud-enabled environments. Join one of the first certified IBM SmartCloud practitioners in a discussion about the various cloud options available from IBM and other providers. Get expert advice that will help you determine whether the IBM SmartCloud offerings (hosted, hybrid, or remote services) or others (PaaS, laaS, and/or SaaS) can work best in your environment. Learn about technical requirements for setup, considerations for managing the infrastructure, development practices, application architecture and other questions you will want ask in order determine the type of implementation that best fits your technical needs and organization's budget.

  • Creating an XPage design strategy using the Application Layout control

    by Paul Della-Nebbia

    Take a deep dive into the design of the Application Layout control and find out how to fully exploit its framework for rapid XPages development. Get an introduction to key concepts and features of the Application Layout control such as enabling the search feature, applying a consistent design using custom controls, and providing effective and intuitive navigation. Get the lowdown on how the six facet areas and five bar areas of the Application Layout control are set. Leave this session with a firm understanding of how to customize the Application Layout control using CSS and an HTML/CSS debugger like Firebug.

  • IBM Domino Designer: Tips and tricks for maximum productivity

    by Peter Janzen

    Domino Designer on the Eclipse platform offers a highly configurable IDE. This session will describe the Designer and Eclipse tricks you may not have discovered that can greatly enhance your experience. Learn how to enhance Designer performance, which preferences to turn off or leave on, and how to get organized with working sets and perspectives. Get expert tips on how to use the Eclipse file system for import/export. Leave with an understanding of how Domino Designer integrates into Eclipse and how to make the partnership work best for you!

  • IBM Domino REST services: Past, present, and future

    by Dave Delay

    Learn about Domino's family of REST services called Domino Access Services (DAS). Whether you are building a web application, a native mobile application, or an OpenSocial gadget, DAS unlocks a treasure trove of Domino data and business logic. See how the Domino data service (available since 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1) provides access to the Domino object model from any HTTP client. Get the lowdown on IBM's plans for adding mail, calendar, and other services in future releases.

  • JavaScript: The language of XPages

    by Paul Della-Nebbia

    Java Script is the core programming language for XPages. Get an understanding of how the built-in Client-Side JavaScript (CSJS) classes are used to manipulate the browser and its objects. Learn how to write CSJS to access XPage input control values and how to create and use CSJS libraries to store reusable code. Find out how to identify the events that support Server-Side JavaScript (SSJS) as well as the different ways of declaring variables. Get the lowdown on the three different ways an XPages developer can express and work with dates and times using SSJS. Note: The majority of this session's focus will be on SSJS.

  • Leveraging the power of the Data View contro

    by Paul Della-Nebbia

    Find out how the Data View control can provide a complete and robust framework for displaying the contents of a Domino View. Get an introduction to the design framework of the Data View control and the advantages of working with it compared to the core View control. See how to configure the five different Extension Library pager controls for use with a Data View. Learn to use the viewStateBean to save and restore the state of a view. Get a firm understanding of the power of the Detail facet, how to leverage it in your XPages, and how to use it deliver in-view editing and other in-view applications.

  • Techniques and best practices for adding Dynamic Content to XPages

    by Paul Della-Nebbia

    Explore your options for creating dynamic content based on ease of development and component tree efficiency and speed. Learn the difference between the Rendered property, the Switch control, and the Dynamic Content control, and the best use cases for each. Get the lowdown on using a Dynamic View Panel control to display one of several Domino Views and learn how to create the additional coding needed to open the selected document in a Dynamic View Panel control in read mode.

  • What's new in Domino application development and Domino Designer Social Edition

    by Peter Janzen

    Domino Designer and Domino Social Edition gives developers more capabilities than ever for building collaborative workflow driven applications for today's social business solutions. Whether you are building webWeb, mobile web, or Notes apps, numerous new features will unleash your potential for delivering applications with more value than ever. Hear about new Designer debugging capabilities and controls that that improve productivity when developing with XPages. See how the XPages Extension Library gives enormous capabilities for building applications, especially mobile, and hear about enhancements to Domino's REST capabilities. Get a glimpse of what is coming in the future for this essential software.

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