WDCNZ 2013

Tech Talks for Web Devs

25 July 2013 from 9am to 9pm

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WDCNZ | Tech talks for web devs is a conference aimed squarely at people who write the code that makes the internet run. We have a philosophy that to present at WDCNZ you need to be unafraid of code, and our goal for WDCNZ is having highly technically literate people presenting on cutting edge topics in the web world.

WDCNZ is crammed full of information about technical advances and challenges facing the whole industry of web delivered software without being constrained by the boundaries of vendor specific conferences.

13 speakers

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13 sessions

31 known attendees

  • Andrew Chilton
  • Magnus Huber
  • Ian Simpson
  • Bren Murrell
  • Hayden Shaw
  • Toni Barrett
  • Jeremy Olliver
  • Owen Evans
  • James ☠✎
  • davekeyes
  • Charlotte Hinton
  • Cameron Prebble
  • ruth mcdavitt
  • James Stradling
  • Martin Holman
  • Andrew Mayfield
  • Kevin Isom
  • Sarah Hui
  • Nick Malcolm
  • François Marier
  • Walter Rumsby
  • Rob Conery
  • Garann Means
  • Zach Holman
  • Ryan Seddon
  • julia h grace
  • Jason Kiss
  • Amy Palamountain
  • Alex Gibson
  • Donald Gordon
  • Lynn

23 people tracking this event

  • Andrew Carr
  • Lars Yencken
  • Jenn Lukas
  • Aaron Morton
  • Catherine Azzarello
  • Rey Bango
  • Dio Synodinos
  • Richard Bywater
  • hjdivad
  • Samson Ootoovak
  • Ilya Grigorik
  • Nigel Ramsay
  • Brian Fling
  • Paul Shirren
  • Alessandro Raffa
  • Lenz Gschwendtner
  • Milton Baxter
  • Peter Wiebe
  • James Christie
  • Craig Harrison
  • Ben Callahan
  • James
  • Brian Ferrell

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