Getting Started with Couchbase Applications Development

A session at Web-5 Conference 2013

Saturday 15th June, 2013

9:30am to 10:15am (PMT)

You are getting ready to build a new webapp, but things are different this time. In the past, your number of users was certainly big, but this new app will be five to ten times the size and will need to support not just the browser, but mobile apps and be ready to deploy in both Europe and Asia in six months. Thinking about how you'll hit these requirements, you've started to look into that new area of NoSQL. The options are many, but for the kind of interactive webapp you're looking to build, Couchbase Server looks pretty interesting. For instance, Draw Something scaled their mobile game to 50 million users in 50 days with Couchbase...
Couchbase Server, Open Source under an Apache 2.0 license, is built to be the scale-out data store behind the kinds of applications that want simplified development, high throughput and low latency and may need to scale at a moment's notice. Developers can store either JSON objects or binary data directly into a Couchbase Server cluster and are abstracted away from the details of managing how data is spread across the cluster.
In this session, Tug Grall of Couchbase will provide a quick overview of Couchbase Server and then demonstrate growing a live cluster. He'll then give a quick overview of how simple it is to develop an application for Couchbase, covering the simplified schema-less approach, definition of views using map reduce and use of the Couchbase SDKs to access the cluster. Tug will include demonstration of Web applications developed in Java, Ruby, Node or other languages depending of the audience.

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Time 9:30am10:15am PMT

Date Sat 15th June 2013


Linus Torvalds, IUT de Béziers

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