Web Platform Doc Sprint Berlin

Come and help to document the web platform. It starts here - with you!

8 9 February 2013

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Join like-minded contributors and help to document the web platform and improve the WebPlatform.org user experience!

Learn how to contribute and help grow the definitive reference site for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVG & more. Choose from a variety of small, medium or larger To-Do's and let the experts from some Web Platform Stewards on site guide you how to contribute articles, samples, tutorials, overviews, and insights.

Please bring your own computer. We will serve snacks, meals & drinks, and yes, there might even be some cool swag & prizes for you to win!


If you run a meetup, user group or other community, and are interested in running an event like this with your local folks, this first European Doc Sprint is literally made with you in mind. Make sure to attend - we will provide you with everything to get you and your group started.

MORE INFORMATION at the registration site: http://web-platform-doc-sprint-b...


4 speakers

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10 sessions

Day 1 + Party! Day 1 from 12:30pm to 11:59pm Friday 8th February 2013

Day 2 + Raffle! Day 2 from 9am to 6pm Saturday 9th February 2013

51 known attendees

  • Nico Schober
  • Tolga Eğilmezel
  • Stefan 💭🇪🇺🕹️📷👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
  • Gregory Igelmund
  • Maik Wagner
  • Anselm Hannemann
  • Christian Schaefer
  • Andre Jay Meissner
  • Pascal Szewczyk
  • Rocco Zanni
  • Paul Verbeek
  • Giuseppe
  • Robert Weber
  • Rodney Rehm
  • Marcin Wosinek
  • [der Caspers]
  • Michael Scharnagl
  • Richard Brammer
  • Frederic Hemberger
  • Janet Swisher
  • Stephan Klinger
  • Sven Wolfermann | maddesigns
  • optikfluffel
  • Horia Dragomir
  • Hans Christian Reinl
  • Andreas Dantz
  • Gregory McCue
  • Nils Borchers
  • Andre Charland
  • Florian
  • Steffen Bruchmann
  • Alexander Fortin
  • Pascal Duez
  • Chris Mills
  • marc thiele
  • Simon Madine
  • Scott Rowe
  • Frank Geusch
  • Tomasz Stryjewski
  • Carlos

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  • Roy Kaldung
  • Manuele Capacci
  • Alessio Bragadini
  • Thorsten Klein
  • Simon Jockers
  • Иicobruenjes
  • Frank Esser
  • nicole
  • Fabian Tempel
  • Nils Riedemann
  • Dirk Jesse
  • Luca Salvini
  • Matthias Dittgen
  • Christian Fleschhut
  • Natasha Rooney
  • Eike
  • mstalfoort
  • Damien Klinnert
  • sjee
  • Eva
  • Fabian Beiner
  • Kerstin Probiesch
  • Günther Lösel

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