Advanced Django Patterns from Eventbrite & Lanyrd

A free evening workshop at Eventbrite

7 April 2014 from 6:30pm to 9pm

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Eventbrite and Lanyrd are both large-scale, complex sites that are built using Python and Django. In this fast-moving tutorial engineers who have worked on both sites will discuss some of the less common Django techniques needed to scale Django applications to handle massive datasets and millions of visitors.

This tutorial will dive deep into the tricks, techniques and architectural patterns used to build large-scale, real-world Django applications. Topics covered will include internationalization, feature flags, unit testing at scale, zero-downtime migrations and deployment, API design and monitoring and profiling of large-scale production sites.

If you plan on building something big come along and learn from our mistakes. If you already work on a large site let’s get together and share notes!

Familiarity with Django is useful but not a prerequisite: developers who work with other stacks or frameworks should still be able to pick up plenty of useful tips.

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Coverage of Advanced Django Patterns from Eventbrite & Lanyrd

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  • Kevin Stone
  • Martha Rotter
  • Greg Stock
  • George Song
  • TD Mackey
  • Moon Limb
  • Lauren Titterud
  • Natalie Downe
  • Simon Willison
  • Deniz Gültekin
  • Nathan Y.
  • Andrew Godwin

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