Agile Tour Beirut 2014

More than 14 talks & workshops to be Agile

8 November 2014

Is the second Lebanese edition of the biggest international Agile event: the Agile Tour. This conference focuses on agile project management, leadership, creativity, innovation, people-centric approaches, continuous improvement, and fun. Through a selection of 15 talks, presentations, workshops, and games, you are invited to discover and experiment with the different aspects of the Agile mindset. This community event is organized by Agile Lebanon and hosted by top professionals from Lebanon and abroad (France, Luxemburg, Turkey, and Egypt), all of whom are eager to share their passion with you.

12 speakers

More speakers still to be announced

  • Pierre Hervouet @Agilelebanon Agile Management Catalyst - Agile Lebanon - Lebanon
  • Pierre E. NEIS @elPedroMajor Agile Lean Coach, Pragmatic Project Leader - We&Co - Luxemburg
  • Amr Noaman @AmrNoaman Agile coach, trainer and practitioner - Agile Academy - Egypt
  • Simon Jaillais @sjaillais Agile Coach & Facilitator - Consort NT - Lebanon
  • Jad HARB Agile Project Manager - Murex - Lebanon
  • Mehmet Yitmen Agile Enthusiast, Author, Entrepreneur - ACM Software - Turkey
  • Pascal Fares Founder and activist of open source lebanese movement - Computer science head of departement - ISSAE Cnam - Lebanon.
  • Mohamed Amr Agile Coach, Trainer and Consultant - Agile Academy - Egypt

17 sessions

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12 known attendees

  • Selmen Smeha
  • Nicolas Verdot
  • Pascal Fares
  • Pierre Hervouet
  • Pierre E. NEIS
  • Amr Noaman
  • Simon Jaillais
  • Christophe Addinquy
  • Joumana Mattar
  • Diala Lteif
  • Aurelien Morvant
  • Jad HARB

7 people tracking this event

  • Hasan Jaffal
  • Sulaf Charara
  • George Zeenny
  • Fares Khalil
  • Yilmaz Guleryuz
  • Yara F. Al-Adib
  • Houssam Fakih

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