Sessions at 2014 American Theological Library Association Annual Conference about TLIG on Thursday 19th June

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  • The Quest for Elusive Teaching Opportunities: Some Specific Experiences

    by Jane Lenz Elder, Clair Powers and Elizabeth A. Leahy

    Like knights seeking the Holy Grail, Information Literacy librarians seek opportunities to teach. And like the Grail, those opportunities prove elusive, especially at institutions where there is no requirement for students to master an IL component. This session hopes to address the fundamental question of how one creates opportunities to teach by outlining six serendipitous events that gradually evolved into formalized occasions for instruction at Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology. I will describe briefly what they are and how they came about, then open the session up for conversation about the practical experiences of other librarians.

    At 2:00pm to 3:30pm, Thursday 19th June

    In Acadian I, InterContinental New Orleans Hotel