Atlanta SkeptiCamp 2014

Think for yourself. Share what you know.

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16 speakers

  • Tim Farley @krelnik Creator of What's the Harm; blogger at Skeptools.com; appears on Skepticality and Virtual Skeptics; Past Fellow of the James Randi Educational Foundation
  • Colm Mulcahy @CardColm
  • David Bryan Smith @davidbryansmith Comedy stage hypnotist
  • Ross Llewallyn @Boss1000
  • John and Monica Mobley
  • Dwight Lyman

26 sessions

Opening Social Event Day 1 from 5pm to 11pm Friday 2nd May 2014

Day 1 Presentations Day 2 from 10am to 5pm Saturday 3rd May 2014

Day 2 Presentations Day 3 from 10am to 4pm Sunday 4th May 2014

13 known attendees

  • Tim Farley
  • Card Colm Mulcahy
  • David Bryan Smith
  • Ross Llewallyn
  • TheRantingRedhead
  • Leah Mickens
  • Maryam Ehteshami
  • Shaune Beattie
  • Derek Colanduno
  • Blinn Combs
  • Miriam Austin
  • Laura Ross
  • Christina Barber

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