Australian Skeptics National Convention 2014

our 30th consecutive annual convention, the only skeptical group in the world to achieve this feat

28 30 November 2014

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26 speakers

  • Dr Karl Kruszelnicki @DoctorKarl Australia’s leading science communicator
  • Peter FitzSimons @Peter_Fitz journalist, author, sports commentator
  • Rachael Dunlop @DrRachie skeptical campaigner, science researcher, VP of Australian Skeptics Inc
  • Dick Smith Keynote Speaker; patron of Australian Skeptics, entrepreneur, 1986 Australian of the Year
  • Amanda Bauer @astropixie PhD in Astrophysics, and she is currently Research Astronomer and Outreach Officer at the Australian Astronomical Observatory
  • Jules Morrow @julesmorrow from the TV programs The Checkout and The Chaser
  • Kirsten Drysdale @KirstenDrysdale from ABC TV's "The Checkout"
  • Chas Licciardello @ChasLicc from the TV program "The Chaser"
  • Delia Rickard Dputy chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
  • Alan Kirkland @AlanKirkland CEO of CHOICE
  • Peta Ashworth a leading researcher in understanding public perception to climate change and low emission technologies (former leader of the CSIRO’s Science into Society Grou
  • Alex Wodak @AlexWodak Director of the Alcohol and Drug Service at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, and President of the Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation
  • Michael Marshall @MrMMarsh Project Director of the Good Thinking Society; presenter of the Skeptics with a K podcast, co-founder of the Merseyside Skeptics and the QED convention
  • Dr. Bronwyn Hemsley @BronwynHemsley Speech pathologist; senior lecturer at the University of Newcastle and an NHMRC postdoctoral fellowship
  • Nicholas J Johnson @CountLustig Magician, comedian, conman (dinner entertainment)
  • Adam vanLangenberg @vanAdamme Science teacher and winner of the 2012 Thornett Award for the Promotion of Reason

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31 sessions

Day 1 Friday 28th November 2014

Day 2 Saturday 29th November 2014

Day 3 Sunday 30th November 2014


42 known attendees

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  • Evan Bernstein
  • Rebecca the Undead
  • Kendrick Frazier
  • Dr Karl
  • Peter FitzSimons
  • Dr Rachael Dunlop
  • Joanne Benhamu
  • Tim Mendham
  • Signe Dean
  • Joshua Godbee
  • ★ amanda bauer ★
  • Jules Morrow
  • Kirsten Drysdale
  • Chas Licciardello
  • Delia Rickard
  • Alan Kirkland
  • Peta Ashworth
  • Alex Wodak
  • Michael Marshall
  • Dr. Bronwyn Hemsley
  • Nicholas J Johnson
  • Adam vanLangenberg

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