AWS New York Meetup: Deep Dive on Amazon Kinesis for Real-time Stream Processing schedule

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

  • Deep Dive on Amazon Kinesis for Real-time Stream Processing

    by Shawn Gandhi

    Many data analytic workflows can benefit from a reduction in time to results. With powerful compute resources and virtually infinite storage solutions offered economically via the cloud it is now possible to build systems capable of pulling in and processing real-time data streams. However, many of these workflows still require custom development and custom builds.

    Amazon has released Kinesis, a managed service to ingest, process and store real-time data streams at massive scale. The movement from batch processing to real-time streams has already begun for many applications. Ad-tech, gaming, mobile apps, web apps and Internet of things, as well as old-school IT infrastructure are already generating vast data streams and leveraging Kinesis to generate new intelligence and competitive advantage by processing those streams in near real-time. Please join us as AWS Solutions Architect Shawn Gandhi provides an overview of Kinesis, the problems it can help you to solve, the architecture of Kinesis and how it can be applied to common use cases. Integration with other Amazon services will also be covered. Refreshments will be served.

    On Tuesday 3rd June