Big Data in the Nation's Capitol

BigConf is about searching, visualizing, managing, or analyzing data. It it has to do with data, is novel, interesting, and effective, then we'll have it at BigConf!

5 speakers

2 sessions

13 known attendees

  • Eric Pugh
  • Imran Chaudhri
  • Gray Herter
  • Seth Grimes
  • Mark Olson
  • Wes Freeman
  • osama Farrag
  • brweber2
  • DevIgnition/DCJug
  • John Feminella
  • Charlie Reverte
  • Simon Elliston Ball
  • Charlie Greenbacker

22 people tracking this event

  • Jocelyn Chen
  • Brenden Grace
  • Jennifer Lankford
  • Server Density
  • Lena Danchevska
  • Luke Amdor
  • Scott A. Lawrence
  • Roger Diller
  • Andrew Turner
  • Mark Silverberg
  • Asif Talpur
  • Domingo Suarez Torres
  • Randy Rosenberg
  • Natali Zamay
  • Kelton Person
  • Sean
  • Chet Manly
  • Sajad Ghanizada
  • Sandy Scott
  • Chris Massey
  • Jason Braaten
  • Scott Leberknight

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