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Founder of Cobenian

Founder of Cobenian, a small software firm focused on network related software development and Internet infrastructure.

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Charlie Greenbacker

Director of Data Science, Altamira

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Charlie Reverte

VP Engineering at AddThis

He has helped AddThis scale from scratch in 2006 to reach 1.4 billion unique users across the web. He also co-authored the OExchange spec for open sharing, which was implemented by Twitter and Google, among others. He believes mobile apps are a fad and that the mobile web will win because of addressability and the URL. Charlie studied microprocessors and distributed systems at Carnegie Mellon while sending robots into caves and coal mines. He also developed one of the first augmented reality systems for robotic surgery and ACL reconstruction. After hours, Charlie is hooked on 24-hour endurance car racing and drives for the Clearspring Motor Club (csmotorclub.com).

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John Feminella

Co-founder, UpHex (http://uphex.com)

I'm an avid technologist, occasional public speaker, and frequent instigator of assorted shenanigans.

I recently co-founded UpHex, a start-up providing predictive analytics and automated insights for digital agencies and their clients. I'm a guest lecturer at the University of Virginia, a mentor for budding entrepreneurs, and a sporadic answerer of questions on StackOverflow.

I live in Charlottesville, VA and like meta-jokes, milkshakes, and referring to himself in the third person.

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Simon Elliston Ball

Head of Big Data at Red Gate