Sessions at Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2014 about conceptual modeling on Saturday 22nd February Get Down to Business…Together!

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  • Workshop - Collaborative Conservation

    by David Mellor

    *This workshop forms part of the CONCEPTUAL MODELING stream*

    Large scale citizen science projects with broad impact may result in less collaboration with the non-experts conducting the field work, while smaller, local projects may foster increased collaboration at the expense of broader impact. Therefore, a need exists to foster new models of citizen science that promote more collaboratively developed, broad-scale projects, which have the potential to increase motivation, learning, and engagement from participants, but are scientifically rigorous and allow for broad research implications.

    In this workshop, we will first present the development of an online citizen science collaborative space intended to support interaction between scientific professionals, environmental managers and the public to (1) train program citizen scientists in ecosystem ecology, (2) collaboratively define environmental issues of concern or scientific interest, (3) model and represent assumptions and existing information about these issues, (4) run scenarios to discuss potential research or management options, and ultimately (5) co-develop citizen science research and management plans.

    To facilitate this collaborative process, we use a fuzzy-logic cognitive mapping software tool called Mental Modeler to create models that are then able to simulate changes to complex systems. The collaborative space can be used for communicating complex understandings of problems, generating hypotheses from both experts and the public, and developing adaptive management strategies.

    This workshop will allow participants to view and test the online training content, modeling software used to create fuzzy logic cognitive models, and project collaboration tools.

    At 11:40am to 12:20pm, Saturday 22nd February

    In G07, UCL Chadwick Building

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