Sessions at Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2014 about public participation

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Saturday 22nd February 2014

  • Where Do The Maps Go? Civil imagination and DIY aerial photography in Jerusalem

    by Hagit Keysar

    *This talk forms part of the GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION AND CITIZEN SCIENCE track*

    This talk discusses the use of collaborative mapmaking techniques in the contested urban environment of Jerusalem, focusing on a particular case of mapping a contested highway in the south of Jerusalem. This particular use case of DIY aerial photography I will present in this talk, makes us rethink the civic aspects of civic science, and calls for investigating ways to reform our political as much as our scientific institutions.

    If we think seriously about the aerial photograph as a tool for participating in the game of truth claiming, we need to develop ways to dismantle the iconic status of the aerial image. Inverting the authoritative use of photographic maps means turning them into discursive ground – civic science in this case is not only situating science at the heart of civil life, but also putting the category of the civil at the heart of the investigation. For that we need to find a way to implement complex layers of information, evidence and storytelling within the aerial image. Rather than returning to the expert paradigm and find solutions with designers, a good idea might be to explore existing technologies for designing maps that can be easily adapted by and for inhabitants' needs. What I am looking for is to create collaborative and trans-disciplinary work for investigating co-design approaches for designing maps, and methods for visualizing open questions, conflict and dispute.

    At 2:20pm to 2:40pm, Saturday 22nd February

    In B05, UCL Chadwick Building

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