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Evil Architect

Software gardener bio from Twitter

Sebastian Seilund

CTO at Billy (http://billyfree.com). I like to be happy, nice people, Node.js, Elixir, Ember.js and distributed systems. bio from Twitter

Daniel Williams

Frontend Developer at No Zebra, and Part Time Designer from Denmark bio from Twitter

Mads Ohm Larsen

Ph.D.-student at NBI in Copenhagen. bio from Twitter


Geek and proud of it! bio from Twitter

Hari Charan

Solution Developer at Scalepoint Technologies LTD bio from LinkedIn

Hasse Feldthaus

Frontend Developer @ The Royal Library, Denmark

Daniel Kvistgaard

Lead Frontend Developer at HTML24 and homebrew-beginner. Tweets about all kind of things - mostly frontend related. bio from Twitter

Steen H. Rasmussen

Was born. Probably halfway through (life?). Likes chocolate (a lot). Writes code too. bio from Twitter

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Daniel Pouzemski

Frontend Developer at Podio. bio from Twitter


Freelance designer and interactive developer. #js #nodejs #design #typescript #scaleform #as3 #starling bio from Twitter

Peter Foerger

Ape descendant who enjoys designing websites based on TYPO3. bio from Twitter

nils rydh

Artsy cheese eater and webdev gypsy

Lars Balker

Software Development Consultant, Annoyed Progressive, Atheist+, Social Justice Ranger & Gamer, Music Lover, TV Show Aficionado. Will break into Danish and Perl. bio from Twitter

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Ole Michelsen
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Only virtually realistic! bio from Twitter

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Ilkka Oksanen
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Morten Barklund

Much coding. Such data. Very PEZ. Co-founder of @dinnersurfer bio from Twitter

Phil Hawksworth

Web geek, skier, coffee lover, bad dancer. Technical Director at R/GA

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