ColdFront Conference 2014

A one-day front-end conference in Copenhagen

4 September 2014

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8 speakers

  • Nat Buckley @ntlk Nat has been working with creative usages of the web, connected hardware, running Friday Code Club and teaching HTML/CSS at University of London
  • Guillermo Rauch @rauchg Guillermo has been focusing on the realtime web for a while, and is the brain behind popular the socket.io framework.
  • Peter Hedenskog @soulislove Peter has been working with web performance for the past many years, and his latests project is a web performance analyser called sitespeed.io.
  • Erik Bryn @ebryn Erik has been helping companies like Netflix, Mozilla, Square, Zendesk, Zoho and LiveNation to build and optimize their Ember applications.
  • Kasper Lund Kasper has been deeply involved in many innovations behind Google V8's engine like Crankshaft. Currently working on Google Dart.
  • Phil Hawksworth @philhawksworth Technical Director at R/GA, Web nerd who cares about performance and web fundamentals

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  • Morten Siebuhr
  • rasmusskjoldan
  • Rasmus Kalms
  • Mohsen Asfia
  • Peter Müller
  • Elisabeth Irgens
  • Henrik Kok Jørgensen
  • Kim Johannesen
  • Morten Schmidt
  • Nikki Strømsnes
  • Kim Andersen
  • Nick Goward
  • Jacob Andresen
  • Lisa Risager
  • Kenneth Auchenberg
  • only a cat
  • Danielovich
  • Guillermo Rauch
  • Peter Hedenskog
  • Erik Bryn
  • Kasper Lund
  • Phil Hawksworth
  • Bruce Lawson
  • Chris Heilmann
  • Mathias Buus

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  • Mark Van Parijs
  • Alexander Futekov
  • Jon Arne S.
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  • David Olrik
  • Anders Bo Pedersen
  • Vitaly Friedman

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