Negotiation and Leadership Insight: One Step Ahead - Steve Van Aperen

A session at Negotiation and Leadership Insight: One Step Ahead - Steve Van Aperen

Have you ever suspected someone was lying to you or embellishing the truth?

During interviews, negotiations and meetings people often try to suppress what they feel or think. Steve's behavioural analysis methods can be used to interpret subtle indicators of feelings and emotions.

If you are a CEO, executive, fund manager, lawyer, recruiter, analyst, investigator, manager, government department, finance professional, sales consultant, real estate agent, or media representative, Steve's skills will be invaluable to your professional repertoire.

His training teaches you nonverbal cues to look for when people are saying one thing, but thinking another. Learn how to benchmark and catalogue behaviours and look for deviations from normative behaviour during business transactions.

This workshop covers:
- types of body language and lies people engage in and why,
- reading and interpreting micro expressions,
- distress signals and facial expressions during the sales process and interviews,
- benchmarking interviewees' behaviour,
- concealment and masking gestures,
- preening and grooming behaviours,
- the importance of why you should analyse clusters of behaviours,
- detecting qualifying statements and how people use them,
- verbal responses that lack ownership and truth,
- real life examples of how people use language to deceive,
- changes in tense, structure and delivery.

Takeaway Deception Detection Tools include
- "60 Second Profiling Technique" based on response latency,
- 4 main categories of non-verbal behaviours,
- CFF sales principle (cool, fun and functional),
- significant postural cues and grooming gestures,
- visual, auditory and kinesthetic processing, and
- questioning types and interviewing practices.

Words convey information, but gestures reveal much more. Read clients' and customers' body language and watch your profits soar!

Price General Admission: $795 + GST

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Date Wed 27th August 2014

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