CONNECTIONS Europe schedule

Tuesday 18th November 2014

  • Welcome: Impact of the Internet of Things on the Consumer

    by Parks Associates

    Parks Associates’ president addresses the current state of the connected home market and the impact of connectivity across multiple platforms, devices, and services.

    At 8:45am to 9:00am, Tuesday 18th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

  • Connecting Smart Products and Smart Home Services

    by CentraLite, Arrayent, Ayla Networks, AlertMe, Amdocs and Bluelinea

    Consumer interest in the smart home crosses multiple categories, from entertainment to security to energy, but the strength of that demand relies on a variety of products working seamlessly together. Understanding the contrasting business goals and their impact on integration is essential to producing a successful smart home solution. This session examines the business issues that must be resolved to achieve and expand the ecosystem of interoperable products and realize the vision of the smart home.

    At 9:00am to 10:15am, Tuesday 18th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

  • Pay TV, Connected CE, and Broadband in 2020

    by ARRIS, Roku, Viaccess-Orca, Intel and Orange

    Current consumer trends are the leading indicators for the future of the industry. Consumers will continue to stream content and in greater amounts because this method offers them desired content on demand and at an affordable price. Already, 40% of broadband homes in France and 36% in the U.K. access online video via a computer or TV. Demand for faster connections will push broadband penetration and speeds worldwide. By 2025, two-thirds of households in Eastern Europe will have broadband connections, as will half of homes in Latin America and Asia/Pacific. This session assesses the longer-term (5-10 years) future of the industry, including digital lifestyles, access services, sources of content, devices used, and competition as well as how pay-TV providers can expand their influence and revenues in this changing market.

    At 10:45am to 11:45am, Tuesday 18th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

  • Opening Keynote - Pay-TV Strategies to Reach Connected Consumers

    by Sky Deutschland

    Like other pay-TV operators, Sky Deutschland is launching innovative OTT services to provide additional value to its customers, reach new prospects and respond to the threat from new entrants. Oliver Lewis presents how the company has created these products to address the opportunity in Germany and Austria, where pay-TV penetration is low but broadband penetration and device ownership are high.

    At 11:45am to 12:15pm, Tuesday 18th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

  • Driving Smart Home Value through Partnerships

    by ASSA ABLOY, Panasonic, Anticimex and Verisure

    While many service providers seek to deliver the smart home through a proprietary system, an alternative approach is to create an ecosystem of partner vendors who individually maintain relationships with the customer but enhance the value of their offerings by interoperating. By offering an integrated and tested suite of solutions, partners extend the range of possibilities for their customers without ceding their own position as product provider. Panelists discuss the advantages and opportunities of participating in a cooperative partnership.

    Special session sponsored by Verisure

    At 1:30pm to 2:30pm, Tuesday 18th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

  • Future of the Home Gateway: Entertainment and More

    by Pace plc, Technicolor Official, Qualcomm, SoftAtHome and NAGRA

    The future of the set-top is a key topic of debate. Will this device become more resource-rich, will it be eliminated in favor of cloud-based services, or will other connected CE devices absorb it? In Europe, some operators are pushing to have thin-client devices for all televisions in the home, with each enabled by cloud-based services. This session looks at the different scenarios for the set top, including the market for retail set-tops, requirements for operator-provided boxes, and the potential for a full-featured primary gateway that would manage user profiles in the household and handle conditional access, security, data, and other functions. This session also examines the role of alternative set-top boxes among other connected CE devices in the home.

    At 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Tuesday 18th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

  • Keynote - Cars: Just Another Connected Device?

    by Ericsson

    As the world marches toward 50 billion connected devices, virtually everyone recognizes the Connected Car as an important component of the connections puzzle. Sometimes described as the ultimate mobile device and other times seen as a smartphone on wheels, the automobile is critical to so many pieces of society. Basic transportation, city management, highway construction, fuel standards, traffic management, environmental concerns, and dozens of other societal factors are all impacted every day by data that can be extracted from the car. In this session, Ken Durand of Ericsson reviews some of the current innovations and constraints in the automotive ecosystem and a few lessons learned from early prototypes and adaptations.

    At 4:00pm to 4:30pm, Tuesday 18th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

  • Smart Home and IoT: Building Value-Added Services

    by Cisco Consulting Services, Climote, EnergyHub, Cameramanager, Vodafone and npower

    Manufacturers and smart home service providers understand that data is the key that will unlock new capabilities and service opportunities. Big data is here, and efforts to develop smarter software that can utilize its power while protecting the privacy and security of consumers are underway. From a manufacturer perspective, smart product services provide an opportunity for price expansion and an improved product mix. From a service provider perspective, services provide the potential for recurring revenue and new business models. This session highlights successful value-added services and reviews approaches for integrating those services into the larger smart home ecosystem. The panel also addresses privacy and ownership of data and the business strategies in developing these solutions and gaining consumer trust in the smart home.

    At 4:30pm to 5:30pm, Tuesday 18th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

Wednesday 19th November 2014

  • Welcome: Understanding New Market Demands

    by Parks Associates

    At 8:30am to 8:45am, Wednesday 19th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

  • Future for TV Everywhere and OTT Services

    by PacketVideo, Watson Nordic, Zattoo, Ericsson and Magine

    Over the past several years, TV Everywhere—linear and on-demand video services provided by pay-TV operators to IP-connected devices—has emerged as a key tool for pay-TV providers. Many pay-TV providers believe that a presence in the OTT space is critical in retaining customers and future competitiveness in the video marketplace. In North America, TV Everywhere is close to universal, and operators in Western Europe are catching up, with penetration numbers exceeding 50%. This session addresses how operators are rethinking their approach to OTT, multiscreen services, and the role in the video market space.

    At 8:45am to 9:45am, Wednesday 19th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

  • Keynote

    At 9:45am to 10:15am, Wednesday 19th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

  • Consumer Tech Support in the Smart Home

    by iYogi, Alcatel-Lucent and Axiros

    Consumer adoption of connected devices—home entertainment, mobile, smart home, and health and fitness—is opening new opportunities for tech support companies that can support both the number and the complexity of these new products and services. The need for support automation has become especially critical as technical support services include more delivery channels and cover more services and devices, both fixed and mobile. This session addresses new strategies to enhance all stages of the support process, including service initiation, diagnosis, resolution, and customer relationship management. In addition, speakers discuss strategies to improve the consumer support experience even as the home environment becomes more complex, which drives up support costs and requires more time and resources to provide the necessary support and protection.

    At 10:45am to 11:45am, Wednesday 19th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

  • Fireside Chat - Winning Strategies for the Smart Home

    by iControl Networks and Deutsche Telekom AG

    Icontrol Networks and Deutsche Telekom provide their perspectives on the keys to success in the smart home market across Europe. Industry veterans share their insights and lessons learned from their respective smart home product launches and provide their views on the evolution of the smart home market in Europe.

    At 11:45am to 12:15pm, Wednesday 19th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

  • Tomorrow's Interfaces, Control, and the IoT

    by Ruwido, Rovi, EchoStar, Accedo and Irdeto

    The user interface is an increasingly prized asset that enables data collection, an advertising portal, an integration point for OTT and linear content, and a portal to smart products and services. Consolidated interfaces provide consumers with a single point to find content and services from a host of content providers, smart products, social networking sites, and app developers. Integrating entertainment services with the broader smart home represents a potential competitive advantage for service providers. This session discusses innovations that are shaping the future of the user experience, its role in the smart home, and strategies for different players to monetize their presence on the UI.

    At 1:15pm to 2:15pm, Wednesday 19th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

  • The Path to 4K Content and Services

    by DivX and NAGRA

    4K is in its infancy, both in terms of content production and video services. Manufacturers of streaming media devices are assessing the requirements to add 4K/UHD capabilities. CE makers will continue to produce 4K televisions and other devices, including set-top boxes, computer monitors, streaming devices, cameras, and other CE products, and over the next 10 years the prices of 4K TVs will fall to mass-market levels. However, manufacturers will need to drive awareness and give consumers a reason to adopt—currently less than 15% of U.S. broadband households are familiar with 4K. This session addresses the role of content in driving 4K adoption, strategies for broadcasters and OTT providers to produce and deliver original content in 4K/UHD, and the potential for new services and devices using this technology, including new interactive features and display options.

    At 2:15pm to 3:15pm, Wednesday 19th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

  • Channel Strategies and Business Models for the Smart Home

    by zipato, iControl Networks, Tyco Security Products, Domoalert and ROC-Connect

    Connectivity is a disruptive force impacting the market for nearly all products and services. Companies can leverage connectivity to reduce operating costs, extend functionality, and add new services. This session examines the impact of IoT on traditional product and service channels and new strategies to provide and deploy unique, fully integrated experiences within smart home solutions. This session also discusses new business models and partnership opportunities among entertainment and security service providers, utilities, manufacturers, retailers, and other players in the smart home market.

    At 3:30pm to 4:15pm, Wednesday 19th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre

  • Innovations and Interoperability: Competition within the Smart Home

    by ULE Alliance, INSTEON, ZigBee Alliance and SIGMA DESIGNS

    Many consumers are purchasing products such as smart programmable thermostats and smart smoke detectors today as stand-alone devices, but Parks Associates research shows consumers clearly prefer smart home systems with extended capabilities that integrate multiple devices. Consumers expect all of their devices to work together, regardless of when or how they are purchased. Companies offering smart products and smart home platforms that can provide this benefit will have a competitive advantage. This session examines the increasing number of ways to ensure products can interoperate and analyzes the solutions needed to satisfy all players, including the consumer.

    At 4:15pm to 5:00pm, Wednesday 19th November

    In Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre