Conversion Conference schedule

Monday 17th March 2014

  • Keynote Presentation: The Conversion Maturity Model - A Roadmap to Profitability

    by Tim Ash

    How mature are you? More to the point, how mature is your organization in terms of maximizing the value of conversion rate optimization? CRO pioneer Tim Ash will give you his perspective based on experience gained with hundreds of SiteTuners clients. See where your company stacks up in terms knowledge and capabilities, technology & tools, organizational structure, processes and culture. Pinpoint your current level of conversion maturity and understand how to get to the next level.

    At 9:00am to 10:00am, Monday 17th March

  • Design Levers: Using Psychology to Incite Conversion Behaviors

    by Larry Marine

    Users, as humans, behave according to a few general principles that can be controlled to incite specific behavior. Good designs leverage these principles to guide users, but some common design practices violate these principles and immediately turn users off, killing conversions. Learn which design levers work and which ones don't.

    At 10:30am to 11:15am, Monday 17th March

  • Improving Conversions Through Useful Content Marketing

    by Arnie Kuenn

    Once again, creating website content is critical to your business. Leading businesses know that in addition to standard web pages describing their products and services, one of their best online marketing tools is useful content. But how do you increase your conversions through search and social media? How do you get started? How will you consistently create content your market will engage with? Join Arnie as he provides answers to these questions through case studies and real life examples. He promises you will walk away with a list of action items.

    At 10:30am to 11:15am, Monday 17th March

  • Visual Analytics: Using User Videos to Personalize your Data & Testing Program

    by Joshua Krafchin

    User videos, real-time recordings of your users' clicks and mouse movements, can be a treasure trove of additional conversion insights. They can also be incomprehensible if you don't know what to look for. Web analytics do a great job of condensing large sets of user data into comprehensible averages and totals. However, hidden in those aggregated numbers are the real-life experiences of your visitors and customers.
    In this session, you'll watch actual user recordings and learn how to derive actionable analyses that are directly applicable to your conversion optimization program. You'll be amazed to see how simply watching individual user behavior can provide new ideas for optimizing and testing your conversion funnel."

    At 10:30am to 11:15am, Monday 17th March

  • LPO 2.0 - User Experience Optimization

    by loveday

    Tired of scratching and clawing with competitors for small incremental gains from your online campaigns? Learn how infusing some user experience considerations into your Landing Page Optimization efforts can enhance your campaign results. Lance will present multiple case studies and show you specific design examples from various companies that could make you rethink your entire approach to LPO and conversion optimization.

    At 11:25am to 12:10pm, Monday 17th March

  • Speed Kills - Choreograph your Content to Drive Conversions

    by Ariel Weil

    Modern websites present significant challenges to conversion marketers, but did you know that a common problem is speed? You know that 1second of latency increases bounce rate potential by 65% and increases abandonment rate by 7% - but when websites move too fast the impact can be even more severe.
    Users need to become immersed in an experience that engages them and focuses their attention. Marketers know that personalization through the addition of dynamic content - much of which is provided by 3rd party providers in the form of JavaScript - is important provide a rich, compelling campaign or offer. But 3rd party components are unpredictable, creating bottlenecks, errors or just a series of distractions that keep your prospects from becoming customers, and hinder rebuys and customer loyalty.
    This session will cover research into techniques that provide a predictable yet dynamic, personalized experience for every site visitor. We will discuss how to provide some quick wins, as well as methods for driving a more comprehensive site engagement process to drive business success.

    At 11:25am to 12:10pm, Monday 17th March

  • Statistics 201: The Math Behind A/B Test Analysis

    by Bryan Gumm

    Most A/B tests can be analyzed by using one of two statistical tests (depending on the KPI of interest). In this intermediate session, you'll get an in-depth understanding of the statistics behind percentage-based vs. average-based KPIs, and learn how to determine the most appropriate statistical method to use for your tests.

    At 11:25am to 12:10pm, Monday 17th March

  • How to Run an Irrefutably Valid Test

    by Daniel Gonzalez

    At 1:30pm to 2:15pm, Monday 17th March

  • Maximizing Conversion with Common User Scenarios

    by Brian Lewis

    If you're not constructing User Scenarios to define your site design and information architecture, you're likely frustrating visitors, depressing conversion and wasting marketing dollars. In this session, you'll learn what User Scenarios are (and aren't), how they eliminate conversion-killing cognitive biases your stakeholders may bring to the design project, and why they need to be an integral step in your design process. You'll also see examples of User Scenarios in action and receive detailed tips for creating your own conversion-boosting User Scenarios. (This session is most appropriate for marketers who are new to creating and using user scenarios.)

    At 1:30pm to 2:15pm, Monday 17th March

  • The Four Mobile & Responsive Traps

    by Michael Mace

    Companies creating mobile websites and apps often underestimate how different the mobile world is. They assume incorrectly that they can create for mobile using the same design and business practices they learned in the computing world. As a result, they frequently struggle to meet expectations and make conversions. From giants like Facebook to the smallest web startup, companies are learning that the transition to mobile isn't just difficult, it's also risky. Come learn the four most common mobile mistakes, how to recognize them, and what you can do to avoid them.

    At 1:30pm to 2:15pm, Monday 17th March

  • Broken Promises: How to Avoid Launching Tests That Break Your Site

    by Joel Harvey

    What if you are launching tests that break your site for certain segments of visitors and you don't even know it? This session provides an-depth exploration of QA processes and tools that go beyond testing tool previews to ensure that you never sub-optimize your optimization efforts again.

    At 2:25pm to 3:10pm, Monday 17th March

  • CXCRO - Optimizing for the Entire Customer Experience

    by Melissa Burdon

    At 2:25pm to 3:10pm, Monday 17th March

  • Marketing Apps: The End of the Landing Page?

    by Mary D'Alatri-Ward

    Death to the landing page! Sound extreme? Come hear why some marketers are saying that landing pages are an outdated concept that should be replaced with personalized and engaging "Maketing Apps." An opportunity for deeper engagement and user interaction, Marketing Apps are the next wave of digital marketing. If you want your visitors to stop "landing" on your pages and start using them as springboards to launch into the rest of your marketing landscape, join this lively and controversial discussion and see if you don't walk away convinced that marketing apps are the next "must-have" weapon in your conversion optimization arsenal.

    At 2:25pm to 3:10pm, Monday 17th March

  • 15 Psychological Triggers to Convert Leads into Customers

    by Neil Patel

    The key to success in any business is an understanding of psychology. All human beings essentially have the same mental triggers that drive actions. In order to influence and understand your customers, you need to know what those triggers are and how to utilize them in your marketing message. Would you like to know how to get more customers who can’t wait to buy your products and services? Join Neil to learn these 15 psychological triggers that you can start using today to double your sales.

    At 3:40pm to 4:25pm, Monday 17th March

  • Bridging the Gap: Incorporating Testing Throughout the Design Process

    by Kevin Eichelberger

    It’s not uncommon. Many companies look to optimize their site for more conversions after it has been built, but optimization testing shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be embedded throughout the design and development process, and that means analytics experts and conversion optimization consultants working hand-in-hand with designers and developers.

    In this session, Kevin will discuss the steps, benefits, and challenges behind testing a site before, after, and especially during the design and development process.

    At 3:40pm to 4:25pm, Monday 17th March

  • Responsive UX Techniques for Transactional Sites

    by Jaan M Lillevälja

    Many sites today are built on -- or moving toward -- a responsive framework. But responsive design doesn’t come without problems. Responsive sites are often created by people who never come into contact with measuring conversion rates or doing A/B testing. The focus is more on the technical implementation than on the visitors who will be using the site, and marketers are realizing after-the-fact that responsive isn't always the best solution.

    In this session, you'll learn which sites will benefit most from a responsive design and hear about common pitfalls encountered when going responsive. You'll also get tips for optimizing page load time and conducting A/B testing on a responsive site.

    At 3:40pm to 4:25pm, Monday 17th March

  • Keynote Presentation

    by Bryan Eisenberg

    At 4:35pm to 5:30pm, Monday 17th March

Tuesday 18th March 2014

  • Keynote Presentation The Wheel of Persuasion: 200 Techniques for Winning Customers

    by Bart Schutz

    Your customer is a brain. To persuade customers is to persuade brains, so the more you understand your customers' brain, the more you will outperform your competitors. Come take a spin through the wheel of persuasion in this insightful session that will show you how to start seeing conversion rate optimization as customer dialogue optimization.

    At 9:10am to 10:10am, Tuesday 18th March

  • Everything I know about CRO I Learned from Raising Children

    by Charlie Claxton

    Creating a great online experience that achieves your goals is a lot like raising young kids. From directing behavior to isolating and addressing specific goals, some of the same cognitive tactics used by parents apply just as effectively to convincing website visitors to behave in a certain way. Come learn about the cognitive biases and persuasive tactics of the long tail, focusing effect, halo effect, loss aversion and social proof, and see how applying these powerful techniques can make you a better marketer (and a more effective parent!). As a bonus, Charlie will also show you his toolbox of easy, cost-effective research methodologies that you can apply today to start understanding your audience better.

    At 10:30am to 11:15am, Tuesday 18th March

  • Multivariate Testing: The Scary "Advanced" Testing Tactic

    by Dave Rogers

    For many organizations, multivariate testing is still considered an ""advanced"" testing approach that is more of a long-term goal then an approachable next step. In this MVT primer, you'll learn the difference between A/B and multivariate testing and get clear instruction on selecting the best testing approach for your specific situation. Dave will extinguish the fear of what you don’t know by sharing best practices for designing multivariate tests and uncovering some of the common mistakes, pitfalls & gotcha’s to look out for. Bring your complicated questions around test design, statistics and data analysis and come see how your organization might benefit by integrating MVT into your conversion optimization process.

    At 10:30am to 11:15am, Tuesday 18th March

  • Temperaments and the 4 Key Factors of Highly Converting Web Copy

    by JeffSexton

    The 4 Basic Temperaments has been a way of classifying decision-making styles since ancient times, but modern neuroscience has proven that temperament theory is just as valid today. Understanding temperament allows marketers to shape their message in a way that matches their prospects' decision-making style. Unfortunately, most of us naturally market to ourselves rather than to all four temperaments, leaving lots of opportunity for improved persuasion and conversion.
    In this presentation, Jeff will present the 4 Temperament model and explain how to craft copy and messaging that appeals to each of the temperaments, as well as how to create pages and link structures that speak to and convert all four temperaments. This approach is not only effective at creating messaging, but in testing and optimizing it as well.

    At 10:30am to 11:15am, Tuesday 18th March

  • 5 Reasons to Say “No” to a Test Idea

    by Brooks Bell

    Once a testing tool is implemented and velocity picks up, the test ideas come quickly. This is great, but the brainstorming process can easily get sidetracked, hijacked, or mired in tactical testing that doesn’t provide much in the way of insights. When test ideas are too complex, too costly or only serve individual or department needs, you have to just say “no”. But saying no is hard. Brooks presents justifications that make it possible to reject an idea while at the same time encouraging focused, testing creativity in the future.

    At 11:25am to 12:10pm, Tuesday 18th March

  • Remarketing Master Class

    by Charles Nicholls

    97% of visitors don’t convert, and a returning visitor is nine times more likely to purchase than a first time visitor. These simple statistics show why remarketing can act as a "turbocharger" for your CRO and LPO projects by recycling those visitors that are not yet ready to convert.
    In this session, you'll see examples of successful remarketing using email, display advertising and video. Learn which remarketing techniques will drive the highest conversions, when to use each technique for optimal effectiveness, and how to combine different techniques to achieve the highest conversions. You'll also get tips for testing your remarketing efforts and balancing the three critical variables of timing, relevancy and content.

    At 11:25am to 12:10pm, Tuesday 18th March

  • Competitive Data for Better Conversion

    by Pamela Pavliscak

    Don't copy competitors, learn from them. Your site lives in the world, and your prospects' minds, alongside many other sites. In fact, visitor expectations may be shaped by their experience on your competitors' sites. How can insights from competitors contribute to higher conversion for your site? Learn about the key predictors of conversion, high-performance patterns in and across verticals, and new ways to improve conversion by looking at the broader context in which a site or app lives. Using data from hundreds of sites, Pamela will show you how to leverage the experience people have on other sites to improve your conversions.

    At 1:30pm to 2:15pm, Tuesday 18th March

  • Segmentation and Testing

    by Ryan Dahlstrom

    At 1:30pm to 2:15pm, Tuesday 18th March

  • Your Checklist for Increasing Facebook Traffic and Conversions

    by Dennis Yu

    On Facebook, you might be reaching the right customers, but not always at the right time. Don't let those impressions go to waste! Instead, use Facebook to gather their emails and convert via search, web, and email later.

    It's time to tune up your Facebook presence: connect your email list to Facebook to reach users in the newsfeed, set up newsfeed retargeting for cart and lead form abandonment, track incremental lift in branded search terms, and put together documents to coordinate processes with your teammates. Dennis will give you the step-by-step process that major direct marketers are using, so that you can walk away with a list you can implement yourself or delegate to others. You'll see real data from real implementations and learn exactly how to make Facebook work for you. This session is for all levels, from managers who are just getting into social lead gen to season e-commerce marketers who are using marketing automation, tag management, and custom audiences.

    At 1:30pm to 2:15pm, Tuesday 18th March

  • Advanced Lessons Learned From More Than 400,000 A/B Tests

    by Dan Siroker

    At 2:25pm to 3:10pm, Tuesday 18th March

  • Conversion: The Ultimate Behavior Change

    by Kes Sampanthar

    Conversion is about changing behavior -- either getting someone to convert from browsing to shopping, from shopping to buying, from buying to engaging, or from engaging to promoting. Each step in this series of conversions relies on changing human behavior. Through our research into ‘Motivational Design’ -- the science behind human motivation and how it can be applied to design -- Cynergy has developed a framework focused on behavior change.

    Behavior change is hard, but not impossible. Come learn the step by step process of designing for behavior change that results in conversions. In this session, Kes will share examples that explore the elements of behavior change so that you can better understand how motivations, habits and needs come together to drive conversions.

    At 2:25pm to 3:10pm, Tuesday 18th March

  • Afternoon at the Improv: Live Landing Page Reviews

    by Tim Ash

    Know your landing page has problems, but don't know where to start? Here's your chance to get some free conversion advice from the experts. This session, always a Conversion Conference favorite, is unscripted, unpredictable, and fun. You'll see live, spontaneous assessments of attendee web sites, complete with actionable advice on changes that could have an immediate impact on conversions. Whether you submit your site for review, or watch while your colleagues take the heat, there's no better way to see conversion best practices in action. You don't want to miss this session!

    At 3:40pm to 4:40pm, Tuesday 18th March

Wednesday 19th March 2014

  • Landing Page Optimization Introduction - Hands On (Requires separate registration)

    by Tim Ash

    How much money are you losing with poorly performing landing pages?
    Changes in landing page efficiency can dramatically improve the profitability of your online marketing programs. This fast-paced and practical hands-on training will provide you with a crash course in landing page optimization. Landing page optimization expert and SiteTuners.com CEO Tim Ash will help you to improve conversions by applying "The Matrix" methodology to your landing page or website. The Matrix is a framework for understanding your audience from a user-centered design perspective, and ensures that you will consistently get the more of right people through the right activities in the right order.
    Short lecture segments will alternate with practical hands-on work. Participants will complete exercises to apply key concepts to their specific situation.

    What You Will Learn:
    How to define mission-critical parts of your website
    Defining and measuring the appropriate conversion action
    Segmenting your online audience into roles
    Breaking down each role into specific tasks ("use cases")
    Understanding key decision making steps (awareness, interest, desire, action)
    Understanding the psychology of your audience and their cognitive styles

    At 9:00am to 1:00pm, Wednesday 19th March