CopenhagenJS — December 2014 attendee directory

Jacob Andresen

Combating complexity so you don't have to

Younes Peters Touati

at Zmags bio from LinkedIn

Mohsen Asfia

Fronend Developer at Valtech Danmark bio from LinkedIn

Bjarke Mønsted

Founder at Love Your Feet Socks Europe bio from LinkedIn


Rapid Developer, http://Redpitt.com. Love eCommerce, back- & frontend-coding, responsive webdesigns, usability, charts, analytics & apps ... and bacon! bio from Twitter

Jeppe Toustrup

Operations falconeer at @FalconSocial. Media squad starter at @CPHTowers. Takes pictures and plays the bass in the spare time. bio from Twitter

Matthias Haamann

CTO at ChurchDesk bio from LinkedIn

Søren Vestermark

Follow me for news on software, media, technology, games... mostly in Danish. bio from Twitter

Nicolai Guldager

Web & Mobile enthusiast, Web Developer @Tradable, interested in performance arts and a, well above average height, caffeine addict bio from Twitter

Stephanie Munch Jensen

Web developer- and designer-hybrid in love with the constantly evolving world wide web

Pedro Madruga

Frontend web engineer. From Portugal and working in Denmark since 2012. Swimming addicted.

Matias Singers

web tinkerer, kickstarter-addict, flâneur and consumed by wanderlust. bio from Twitter

Christian Birch

CEO & Co-Founder at eTilbudsavis bio from LinkedIn

Giulio Ungaretti

Physicist gone data scientist @eTilbudsavis. Loving wine food and design. When not hacking you can find me biking in CPH, or travelling around the world. bio from Twitter

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Peter Müller

CopenhagenJS organizer, Assetgraph contributor, Open Source enthusiast


Front-end developer. Nodejs and CoffeeScript is my everyday consumption. HTML5 game dev hobbyist. bio from Twitter

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Bo Gotthardt
Alexander Færøy

Hacker, crypto nerd, open source advocate, Irssi core developer, Erlang enthusiast.

Henrik Tudborg

API designer & coffee addict bio from Twitter

Morten Bo

CTO & Co-founder @ ShopGun. Want to be part of the journey? Don't hesitate to contact me. bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Kenneth Auchenberg

Program Manager on the @code team @ Microsoft. @WEF Global Shaper. @coldfrontconf organizer, @google GDE and @W3C WICG member. Ex @citrix, @podio, @vodafone bio from Twitter

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