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Thursday 19th June 2014

  • Welcome to CopenhagenJS

    by Kenneth Auchenberg

    At 7:00pm to 7:10pm, Thursday 19th June

  • Static-site to the rescue with Harp

    Sometimes you just want to make a quick website with the tools you normally use like Jade, Stylus and CoffeeScript, but before you can do that you have to setup all the nessesary tools to make them compile when you deploy.

    Wouldn't it be easier if you could just start without setting anything up and not configure anything?

    At 7:10pm to 7:30pm, Thursday 19th June

    In Conferize

  • Break

    At 7:30pm to 7:45pm, Thursday 19th June

  • Free geodata and you (and leaflet.js)

    by Jacob Andresen

    The danish government has published a lot of freely available geodata - both in the form of maps and address data. I'll show some of the resources and how to go about using them. If all goes well I'll do some live coding using leaflet.js and node.

    At 7:45pm to 8:30pm, Thursday 19th June

  • What is this WebRTC thing about?

    by Kenneth Auchenberg

    A quick overview of WebRTC, and how we use it in Hutt and GoToMeeting

    At 8:30pm to 9:00pm, Thursday 19th June

  • MongoJS. Node.js and MongoDB

    by Eduardo Sorribas

    Have you ever used the mongodb shell JavaScript api? Well you can use it in node.js with callbacks thanks to a module called mongojs. I'll talk a little bit about it and show some examples.

    At 9:00pm to 9:30pm, Thursday 19th June

  • Networking

    At 9:00pm to 10:00pm, Thursday 19th June

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