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Alex Borysov

Large Scale Software Engineer, Test-Driven Developer.

Endre Adam

Business Development & Solution Architect bio from LinkedIn

Jake Levine

Core Engineering Manager at Meetup

Rafael Ordog

Lead software developer and coach

Bálint Köves

Program Manager for Integrity Functions at Ericsson

Oliver Verver

Senior Developer / Architect at JDriven bio from LinkedIn

Maxime Sanglan

I am curious - nCrafts.io co-organizer

Michał Śliwoń

software developer, life-admirer, DevDay co-founder, aspiring to be a geek

Suvash Thapaliya

a guy as old as his bicycle. bio from Twitter

Martin Klose

I'm a passionate software craftsman and the co-founder of klosebrothers.de - an IT consultancy. I like to run CodeRetreats.

Zsolt Szeszler

Software development manager at API International GmbH bio from LinkedIn

Zoltan Szasz

Don't Panic. It's the first helpful or intelligible thing anybody's said to me all day. bio from Twitter

Ivan Pasztor

Software Architect at IdomSoft Zrt bio from LinkedIn

Marcin Malinowski

Don Quixote fighting entropy bio from Twitter

Zsolt Takács

php dev @ ustream.tv budapest / music enthusiast / father bio from Twitter

Gábor Nyerges

Streaming Team Leader at Ustream, Inc bio from LinkedIn

Wolfram Kriesing

Involved in @JSCraftCamp @JSCodeRetreat @es6katas working at @holidaychecklab bio from Twitter

Iván Stepaniuk

Software Craftsman

Peter Brachwitz

Software Developer and Historian bio from Twitter

László Csereklei

Product Development Leader and site Agile Driver at Ericsson bio from LinkedIn

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Simon Hildrew

Infrastructure Developer for http://guardian.co.uk; amateur geek; amateur muso; amateur photographer; amateur film maker; amateur theologian; amateur human.

Paul Stack

Infra Coder with a militant interest in DevOps and Systems Thinking. Speaks with a funny accent. **Evangelist of Life**. DAF bio from Twitter

Rafał Legiędź

Software developer, passionate about pragmatic approach to life and software development. DevDay organizer (http://devday.pl)


Algorithm crafter. City lover. Coffee snob. Craft beer appreciator. bio from Twitter

Jérémy Dagorn

Previously @ Prezi, currently @ Curology Not interested in politics, cricket. Interested in software, computers and stuff. @JumyApps

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Craft Conf 2014

Hungary Hungary, Budapest

23rd25th April 2014

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