CSSconf EU 2014

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12 September 2014

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12 speakers

  • Rachel Andrew Articulate Network @rachelandrew Rachel is a web developer, speaker, writer and Managing Director over at edgeofmyseat.com. She has authored books on CSS and web design.
  • Jina Bolton Articulate Network @jina Jina is a Senior Product Designer at Salesforce UX, leads Team Sass Design, runs The Mixin, and helps Susy.
  • Jed Schmidt @jedschmidt When not working on UNIQLO's upcoming mobile web site, Jed enjoys singing barbershop harmonies, competing in pun contests, and introducing events in CSS.
  • John Brown @ThisIsJohnBrown John Brown is initiator of Uncontext, creator of hhhhold, works at Instrument and was Lead Developer on the Google I/O 2014 experiment.
  • Karolina Szczur Articulate Network @fox Karolina Szczur is a designer, developer and photographer currently working at &yet.
  • Mathias Bynens Opera Software @mathias Mathias is a web standards expert working at Opera Software, and collaborating on open-source projects such as jsPerf and HTML5 Boilerplate.
  • Stoyan Stefanov @stoyanstefanov Stoyan Stefanov is a speaker, author and currently focuses on the performance of social plugins at Facebook.
  • Bram Stein @bram_stein Bram Stein is an engineer working on web font serving, type rendering and other web type related features for Adobe Typekit.
  • Nicole Sullivan @stubbornella Nicole is a full stack developer working at Pivotal Labs on Cloud Foundry.
  • Addy Osmani @addyosmani Addy Osmani is an engineer at Google focusing on tools to help improve developer productivity and satisfaction.
  • Patrick Hamann @patrickhamann Patrick is a London-based developer, speaker and organiser.
  • Sara Soueidan @SaraSoueidan Sara Soueidan is a freelance web developer, author and speaker.

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  • Giulia Alfonsi
  • Jeff G🔥🦊⚛️
  • Kenneth Auchenberg
  • Fabian Becker 🇩🇪
  • Christian Hellmuth
  • Paolo Fragomeni
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  • max karkowski
  • Horia Dragomir
  • Jonathan Blanchet
  • Razvan Caliman
  • Kristofer Walters
  • Ingo Rammer
  • Rocco Curcio
  • Kamil Ogórek
  • Aakash Bapna
  • Peter Müller
  • Peter Müller
  • Feli 🦀
  • Tobias Adam
  • Mikael Brevik
  • Martin Sachse
  • André Ruffert
  • Jannis
  • Joel Bez
  • Michael Kühnel
  • Robin Mehner
  • Matti Besser
  • Lim Chee Aun
  • Kevin Lorenz
  • Ferdinand Boas
  • Jenn Turner
  • Kriesse
  • Rachel Andrew
  • Jina Anne
  • Michael P. Pfeiffer
  • Jed Schmidt
  • John Brown
  • Karolina Szczur
  • Mathias Bynens

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  • Franz Heidl
  • Kylie Wilson
  • Riccardo Coppola
  • Cédric M.
  • Dominik Ogilvie
  • Oliver Schmidt
  • Nils Windisch
  • Kim Johannesen
  • Fullstack PostIt
  • Amy Willoughby
  • Robert Sedovšek
  • Ahmedd
  • Manuel Rego
  • Esther Amor
  • Ju Gonçalves
  • Brenna O'Brien
  • Juarez Filho
  • Rogier Barendregt
  • Jay Zelenkov
  • Fabian Tempel
  • daniel koening
  • Victor Brito
  • Tino
  • Zofia
  • dennisMBA2000+connex (dennismdel@live.com) MOST VIEWED
  • pluszak
  • Peter Grosskopf
  • Bruno Mertins
  • Vitaly Friedman
  • Cédric Aellen
  • Christian Justus
  • Ben
  • Ben MacGowan
  • Bato Prosic
  • Sebastiaan Deckers
  • Luca Scarpa

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