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🙏 I believe in the power of CSS 👩‍💻 Principal Engineer, Developer Relations @sinnerschrader 🤓 part of @jsconfeu, @cssconfeu & @decodehh bio from Twitter

Jenn Turner

Human person. Writer. Yeti. Doer of things.


JavaScript Lover. Open Sourcerer. Senior Web Developer @AKQA

max karkowski

Web developer // designer @comwrap bio from Twitter

Razvan Caliman

Free-range developer with Adobe. Writes useful CSS and JavaScript.

Kristofer Walters

Software developer.


Director of Product, @firefox Browsers bio from Twitter

Joel Bez

Unicorn wannabe. My hobby is my job. I love the web. Helping build and organise @frontendconfch & @webtuesday. Tech lead @GinettaTeam http://www.linkedin.com/in/joelbez bio from Twitter

Robin Mehner

Freelance web dev & user groupie based in Berlin. @berlinjs, @RejectJS, @nodecopter, @upfront_ug & @bephpug bio from Twitter

Rocco Curcio

The same ol' @anseamrock, javascript-stylah. And proud member of @fromthefront staff, of course.

Michael Kühnel

Frontend Developer

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Sara Soueidan

Sara Soueidan is a freelance web developer, author and speaker.

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Addy Osmani

Addy Osmani is an engineer at Google focusing on tools to help improve developer productivity and satisfaction.

Matti Besser

Webdesign & Frontend Development bio from Twitter

Paolo Fragomeni

Open Source Programmer

Kamil Ogórek

Senior Client-side Engineer @x_team, JavaScript passionate. Weightlifter, climber, drummer and music lover. I admire food and love to cook. @AmpersandJS

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Patrick Hamann

Patrick is a London-based developer, speaker and organiser.

Kevin Lorenz

Front End | Design | Typography | @verpixelt |http://www.kevinlorenz.com

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Nicole Sullivan

Nicole is a full stack developer working at Pivotal Labs on Cloud Foundry.

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Bram Stein

Bram Stein is an engineer working on web font serving, type rendering and other web type related features for Adobe Typekit.

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Stoyan Stefanov

Stoyan Stefanov is a speaker, author and currently focuses on the performance of social plugins at Facebook.

Ferdinand Boas

Co-founder of dotConferences. We organize dotJS dotCSS dotSwift dotScale dotGo and dotRB. Co-founder of the Paris Tech Talks.

Aakash Bapna

Likes -- fast, simple things, India. Engineer @flipkart.

Peter Müller

JS Hero. Freelancer & Consultant. #angular. I love the web. Finland addicted. Founder and organizer of @FrankenJS. bio from Twitter

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Mathias Bynens

Mathias is a web standards expert working at Opera Software, and collaborating on open-source projects such as jsPerf and HTML5 Boilerplate.

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John Brown

John Brown is initiator of Uncontext, creator of hhhhold, works at Instrument and was Lead Developer on the Google I/O 2014 experiment.

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Karolina Szczur

Karolina Szczur is a designer, developer and photographer currently working at &yet.

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Jed Schmidt

When not working on UNIQLO's upcoming mobile web site, Jed enjoys singing barbershop harmonies, competing in pun contests, and introducing events in CSS.

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