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11 14 September 2014

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23 speakers

  • Timandra Harkness @TimandraHarknes
  • Franco Cavalli Scientific Director, Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland (CH); founding editor of Annals of Oncology and the author of «Cancer, the great challenge»
  • Dina Dechmann Department of Migration and Immuno-Ecology, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Radolfzell (D)
  • Lawrence Grimm Film director and illustrator
  • Suzana Herculano-Houzel @suzanahh Head Laboratory of Comparative Neuroanatomy, Rio de Janeiro State University (BR)
  • Dr. Angelika Hilbeck Institute of Integrative Biology, Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (CH)
  • Julia Offe @scienceslampe Science journalist
  • Günther «Gunkl» Paal Comedian; He was awarded with the Salzburger Stier, the Deutsche Kleinkunstpreis and the Prix Pantheon.
  • Frank Rühli Head Centre for Evolutionary Medicine, University of Zürich (CH)
  • Robert S. Van Howe Program director pediatrics team, Central Michigan University College of Medicine
  • Nina Scherrer Institute of Philosophy, University of Bern (CH)
  • Natalie Uomini Department of Archaeology, Clssics & Egyptology, University of Liverpool (UK)
  • Maria M. Wertli Scientific researcher, Horten-Centre for patient oriented research and knowledge transfer
  • Susanne Brauer Ethicist, Brauer & Strub | Medicine Ethics Politics
  • Ian Bushfield @ibushfield Campaigns Support Officer AllTrials Kampagne, Sense about Science
  • Richard Dawkins @RichardDawkins Founder, Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason
  • Colin Goldner Co-ordinator, The Great Ape Project
  • Lawrence Grimm Film director and illustrator
  • Boaz Heller Vertreter für die Schweiz, Singularity University
  • Peter Jüni Director Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Bern
  • Hannu Luomajoki @HannuLuom Leiter Master-Programm muskuloskelettale Physiotherapie, Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften
  • Rob Lyons @Robspiked Author and associate editor of the UK online magazine spiked
  • Andy Miah @andymiah School of Creative and Cultural Industries , University of the West of Scotland

Intelligent Entertainment Day 1 from 5pm to 10pm Thursday 11th September 2014

Medicine & Methods Day 2 Friday 12th September 2014

Evolution Day 3 Saturday 13th September 2014

Ethics for the 21st Century Day 4 Sunday 14th September 2014

20 known attendees

  • Aske
  • Ralf Neugebauer
  • frei-denken.ch
  • Timandra Harkness
  • Skeptiker Schweiz
  • GBS Schweiz
  • Zurich Salon
  • Suzana Herculano
  • Andreas Kyriacou
  • Dr. Angelika Hilbeck
  • Julia Offe
  • Fabian Frei
  • Frank Rühli
  • Maria M. Wertli
  • Ian Bushfield
  • Richard Dawkins
  • Boaz P. Heller Avrahami
  • Hannu Luomajoki
  • Rob Lyons
  • Professor Andy Miah

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  • Sander Aarts
  • Jelena Levin
  • Paul Wagner
  • Leon Korteweg
  • Skeptiker-Konferenz
  • gwup | die skeptiker
  • Phil Loewen
  • Susan Gerbic
  • Tim Farley

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