DjangoCon Europe 2014

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To attend Djangocon Europe 2014 you'll need either to swim a bit, or take the boat.
Put a parrot on your shoulder and sing as a pirate. It's only short ride though, about 10 minutes; just enough to breath the salt air and taste the sea spray.

We are thrilled to announce that Djangocon Europe 2014 will take place on its own island !

L'île des Embiez is located on the Côte d'Azur, between Toulon and Marseille.

Free of cars, horns or engines there will only be pine woods, sun, beaches, ourselves - and Django.

Have you ever attend a conference when at sunset you would see the sun slowly go down and color the sea in shades of orange ?

Or one where you've woken up in the morning and enjoyed a run between sun and sea ?

We have made it possible this year.

10 minutes away from the mainland and forbidden to motor vehicules the island has remained close to nature. Within its small confines you'll find beaches, saltmarshes, pine woods and vineyard - the typical features of the Mediterranean coast

To make our stay really special, the entire island will be exclusively ours for the duration of DjangoCon Europe. All accommodation is on-site - no need to find places to sleep or eat; it's all right there.

All you need is to book your ticket, and we'll welcome you, and be your hosts on L'île des Embiez.

29 speakers

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31 sessions

Conference Day 1 Tuesday 13th May 2014

Conference Day 2 Wednesday 14th May 2014

Conference Day 3 Thursday 15th May 2014

Sprints Day 4 Friday 16th May 2014

Sprints Day 5 Saturday 17th May 2014

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  • Ilkka Hakkari
  • Tomasz Jaśkowski
  • Juan Riaza
  • Goetz
  • Nicolas Dubois
  • Andi Albrecht
  • Jeroen Weustink
  • Mathieu Richardoz
  • Raphael Jasjukaitis
  • Vincent Alsteen
  • Niclas Åhdén
  • Areski Belaid
  • Eyad Toma
  • Felix Hanspach
  • Baptiste Mispelon
  • Kristoffer Pantic
  • Philippe Bazard
  • Quentin Gérôme
  • Marcos Gabarda
  • Alex Tatay
  • Loek van Gent
  • Ludovic Gasc
  • Matt Westcott
  • Markus Amalthea Magnuson
  • Patrick Arminio
  • Markus Holtermann
  • Panagiotis Issaris
  • Avelino
  • Ulrich Petri
  • Russell Keith-Magee

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