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🙏 I believe in the power of CSS 👩‍💻 Principal Engineer, Developer Relations @sinnerschrader 🤓 part of @jsconfeu, @cssconfeu & @decodehh bio from Twitter

Hans Lemuet

Web developer, UX designer & open web advocate. Currently: developer and cofounder @etaminstudio / Previously: Gobelins CRMA ’10, GOG.com, Upian.com bio from Twitter

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web developer, artist

Stéphanie Walter

Web & UX Designer, Geeky Pixel & UI lover, coffee addict!

Yannick Croissant

Passionate Front End Developer, JavaScript Enthusiast and PC Gamer. Senior Front End Developer at @MeeticFrance

Konstantinos Margaritis

Head of Engineering @goodvidio

Clément Hardoüin

Lead front-end developer at MRM//McCANN Paris @mrmparis Happy staffer @parisweb bio from Twitter

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Tim Pietrusky

Web Craftsman loving the web: My platform of choice for everything.

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Maxime Thirouin

Front-end web developer by day, Code vigilante by night.

Aleksei Androsov

Frontend developer at Yandex.Mail

Tom Hare

Freelance front-end developer


HTML5, ES6, CSS3, AngularJS, BackboneJS, JQuery, SASS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Meteor, MongoDB, Nginx, Apache2 bio from Twitter


Freelance front-end developper interested in #creative #ui/ux Also happy dad and bike traveller.

Darklg | Kévin ‮♠✌️

Hi ! ∞ HTML5, CSS3, JS, WordPress, Magento, Git, SEO, Productivity ∞ Tea & Coffee Addict ∞ Rabbit Owner & Rock n'Roll→ Freelance Front-End / WP Developer

Katja Hollaar

Inspecting everything web developer, photographer, classic music lover, Italy fan bio from Twitter

Samira Elhaddad

Smart, Clean and Simple Design... with Drupal.

Long Lazuli

we are the web... we are the future...

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Hugo Giraudel

Maintainer of SassDoc, Sass Writing Machine

Anselm Hannemann

Ethics advocate, author of WDRL and founder of Colloq.io

Ioana Stanescu

Front-end team lead and developer. Passionate about CSS. UX advocate. bio from Twitter

Xavier Gorse

Co Founder @Elao . Trending topics: #Symfony, #PHP, #MeteorJs, #GraphData, #DevOps, #Lean

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Harry Roberts

Creator of inuit.css, author of CSS guidelines

Robin Poort

Frontend-developer, Usability fanatic, Bassist, Speaker bio from Twitter

Stéphane Coué

Front-End Developer • passionate about the web and how it evolves • belief in javascriptEveryWhere() • lately focussing on #OOCSS #Sass|Stylus #*.js

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Author and Front-end web Developer at The Guardian


Utilisateur de l'Internet. Liens rigolos, tutoriaux et veille quotidienne d'un intégrateur passionné mais un peu grincheux. bio from Twitter

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Victor Brito

Intégrateur HTML / CSS et expert en accessibilité du Web et qualité Web freelance / Freelance front-end developer and Web accessibility and Web quality expert

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dotCSS 2014

France France, Paris

14th November 2014

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