The ideal REST API for the Angular JS applications

A session at Dutch PHP Conference 2014

Thursday 26th June, 2014

9:30am to 12:45pm (AMT)

Recently I have finished designing backend specifications for relatively big AngularJS application (it deals with event management, and is under active development right now, scheduled for beta later on this year).

While REST style has been around for quite some time, it is still considered informal and only vaguely understood, which is probably because not many of us developers have actually spent time reading Fielding's dissertation.

If you look at evolution of APIs provided by big players (such as Amazon or GitHub), you will clearly see that getting it right the first time you do it - is not an easy task. So, there is evidently a need for some roadmap. Hence, this talk/tutorial.

Single Page Apps (SPAs) can be really good alternatives to conventional web-sites, and I believe PHP as a platform has enough to offer for a full-fledged, yet simple, backend implementations. Coupled with the huge leap forward in form of AngularJS, we finally can create web apps that are easy to implement and maintain.

In this talk I want to concentrate on practical side of REST API design. It will NOT be a REST 101, as I will concentrate on specific practical problems (like data validation, traversal/pagination, security/authentication, API versioning and testing, scaling out with caching etc).

Depending on the audience I can make a brief intro to AngularJS though. So that, those who haven't had a chance to play with it, experience why it is amazing, and why we need to tackle the REST API design in order to make that awesomeness do a real work for us.

Examples provided will be built on top of Silex, thus allowing full control on the implementation, without being too opinionated about which frameworks to use. In case it is good to be opinionated (again depending on audience), I can provide the very same examples build on the top of either ZF2 of Symfony2.

To sum up:

The Single Page Applications (SPAs) become a new trend. While the backend layer that powers them up can be coded in many languages, it is the PHP that can become an amazing platform for implementation of such a backend.

In this talk I will summarize the best practices, tips and tricks of trade of a complex REST API required to support relatively big AngularJS application. Additionally, I will look into bottlenecks and pitfalls that await you on your quest for the ideal API.

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Victor Farazdagi

Grad. Student (Machine Learning) at Georgia Tech @gtcomputing, @Golang engineer @ethstatus #Ethereum #Blockchain #Golang bio from Twitter

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Time 9:30am12:45pm AMT

Date Thu 26th June 2014

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