Erlang User Conference 2014

The largest worldwide conference on Erlang programming language

9 10 June 2014

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58 speakers

  • Bruce Tate @redrapids CTO, icanmakeitbetter.com
  • Kenneth Lundin @erlang_org Head of the Erlang/OTP team at Ericsson
  • Wojciech Turek Department of Computer Science AGH University of Science and Technology
  • Yosuke leo Hara @yosukehara LeoFS, Distributed Storage
  • Lukas Larsson @garazdawi Erlang VM Developer
  • Melinda Tóth ParaPhraser & Leader of the RefactorErl project
  • Peer Stritzinger @peerstr Entrepreneur, Erlang Embedded and Automotive Expert
  • Richard Croucher High Performant Platfom Architect
  • Ulf Wiger @uwiger Feuerlabs co-founder and Developer Advocate
  • Zachary Kessin Erlang O'Reilly Author
  • Robert Virding @rvirding Co-Inventor of Erlang, Principal Language Expert at Erlang Solutions
  • Motiejus Jakštys Backend developer at Spil Games
  • Loïc Hoguin @lhoguin Cowboy Creator
  • Jesper Louis Andersen Erlang Dev/Consultant at Erlang Solutions
  • Tee Teoh Senior Erlang Developer at Erlang Solutions
  • Erik Stenman @erik_stenman Bearded Erlang Hacker
  • Roberto Aloi @robertoaloi Software Engineer and Erlanger
  • Katie Miller @codemiller OpenShift Developer Advocate. Lambda Ladies Co-Founder.
  • benoît chesneau @benoitc Web Craftsman
  • Heinz N. Gies @heinz_gies Cloud Sheperd
  • Simon Thompson @thompson_si unctional programmer, researcher and teacher of Haskell and Erlang.
  • Macías López Galician Erlanger
  • Paul Davis Sr. Software Engineer at Cloudant
  • Christopher Brown Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of St Andrews

Coverage of Erlang User Conference 2014

50 sessions

Day 1 Monday 9th June 2014

Day 2 Tuesday 10th June 2014


Sweden Sweden / Stockholm

Torkel Knutssongatan 2, Stockholm

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35 known attendees

  • Lukasz Dobrzanski
  • Areski Belaid
  • Dan Brown
  • Bruce Tate
  • Kenneth Lundin
  • Yosuke leo Hara
  • Lukas Larsson
  • Peer Stritzinger
  • Richard Croucher
  • Ulf Wiger
  • Robert Virding
  • Loïc Hoguin
  • Jesper Louis Andersen
  • Erik Stenman
  • Roberto Aloi
  • Katie Ots
  • benoît chesneau
  • Heinz N. Gies
  • Simon Thompson
  • Samuel Rivas
  • Garrett Smith
  • Natalia Chechina
  • Alvaro Videla
  • Erlang Factory
  • Laura M. Castro
  • Jordan Wilberding
  • Csaba Hoch
  • Paul Butcher
  • Christopher Meiklejohn
  • John Hughes
  • Kresten Krab Thorup
  • Tom Santero
  • Francois Orsini
  • Torben Hoffmann
  • Jan Henry Nystrom

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