Extensible Web Summit

Web Developers, Web Platforms, Web Standards

4 April 2014 from 8:30am to 5pm

There has never been a time of greater innovation and energy in the development of web technologies and standards. Among the challenges currently facing the web are the rise of mobile platforms and accompanying changes in the way people are finding, interacting with and producing services and content on the Internet; the increasing maturity of HTML5; the maturity of web applications; the rise in importance of JavaScript in the web platform; the increasing maturity and complexity of video, 2d and 3d graphics and peer to peer communications as first class citizens of the web. A the same the Web is under existential threat from native mobile application platforms.

The web is 25 years old. What do we want this platform to look like 25 years from now? This event will bring together web platform developers and practitioners from different communities and backgrounds to focus on the future of the web architecture. The event will be run as an unconference, self-organized by the participants. This event is organized by the W3C Technical Architecture Group with hosting generously provided by Adobe Systems.

Who should attend? We would ideally like to pack this event with platform developers, framework developers and web developers with an interest in helping to drive the future of the web platform. If you read and liked what you saw in the Extensible Web Manifesto and you'd like to learn more and influence the direction of this thinking, then we'd love to have you along. Likewise if you are interested in other web technologies such as real time communication, platform & device APIs, security, permissions, manifests & packaging, offline usage, JavaScript promises & streams, push notifications and touch.

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  • Steve Klabnik
  • Edward O'Connor
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  • Daniel Glazman
  • Matthew Schutte
  • Sergey Konstantinov
  • J David Eisenberg
  • Simon St.Laurent
  • @tttune world !!!
  • m erwan
  • Peter Linss
  • Marcos Caceres
  • King
  • Chris Wilson
  • tomomi ☂ imura
  • Terin Stock
  • empathy
  • Justin Fagnani
  • Erik Bryn
  • Alan Stearns
  • Robin Berjon
  • Adrian Bateman
  • вкαя∂εℓℓ
  • Jon Richter
  • Michael[tm] Smith
  • Arthur Barstow
  • Jungkee Song
  • Paul O’Shannessy
  • jden es bicicleta
  • Konstantin Sharets
  • Misko Hevery
  • Jeff Cross
  • L. David Baron
  • Alex Milowski
  • jordan santell
  • Arnaud J Le Hors
  • Brett Stimmerman
  • Alex Komoroske
  • Russell Beattie
  • Patrick Mueller

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  • Tantek Çelik
  • Raphaël Rougeron
  • Ben Werdmuller
  • Brian Ford
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  • Palle Zingmark
  • Kevin Marks
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  • Richelle (Honeycutt) Anderson
  • Juliana Chelonenko
  • Boris Gordon
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  • Anis Zakaria
  • Real Chase Adams
  • Jessica Barnett
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  • Miguel Angel Arevalo
  • Mathias Bynens
  • Alexander Dadykin
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  • Nils Windisch
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  • Rob Tarr
  • Matt Smith
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  • Lyre Calliope

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