Extensible Web Summit - Berlin

Web Developers, Web Platforms, Web Standards

11 September 2014 from 9am to 6pm

There has never been a time of greater innovation and energy in the development of web technologies and standards. HTML5 is increasing becoming a mature platform for application development. JavaScript's importance is on the rise. Video, 2d and 3d graphics and peer to peer communications are also becoming mature parts of the web environment. At the same the Web is under existential threat from native mobile application platforms. The web is 25 years old. What do we want this platform to look like 25 years from now?

In April of this year, web platform developers and practitioners from different communities and backgrounds came together in San Francisco to focus on the future of the web architecture. The event, dubbed the Extensible Web Summit, was set up by members of the W3C Technical Architecture Group and run as an unconference, self-organized by the participants.

On the 11th of September we will be following this up with an event along side of the JSFEST.BERLIN week of events. Hosting for this event is generously provided by Beuth University, thanks to the support of the W3C German office, and lunch sponsorship will be provided by Google.

Who should attend? We would ideally like to pack this event with platform developers, framework developers and web developers with an interest in helping to drive the future of the web platform. If you're interested in the direction articulated in the Extensible Web Manifesto and you'd like to learn more and influence the direction of this thinking; if you're interested in the future of HTML be sure to be there. Other topics likely to be discussed will be real time communication, platform & device APIs, security, permissions, manifests & packaging, offline usage, JavaScript promises & streams, push notifications and touch UI.

4 speakers

More speakers still to be announced

27 known attendees

  • Joe Corcoran
  • Paul Verbeek
  • bruce lawson
  • Martin Frank
  • Jirka Kosek
  • Sebastian Kippe
  • Chris Wilson
  • Andre Jay Meissner
  • Mike West
  • Alan Stearns
  • Mark Nottingham
  • Fabian Fabian
  • ☮ elf Pavlik ☮
  • Silvan Hagen
  • Michael
  • Jacek Wasowski
  • Aakash Bapna
  • Johannes Wilm
  • Piotrek Koszuliński
  • Karin Christen
  • Gerrit Imsieke
  • Daniel Appelquist
  • Domenic Denicola
  • Philippe Le Hégaret
  • Robin Berjon
  • Dom Hazael-Massieux
  • /'supərsolɛ/ ㋛

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  • David Potocnik
  • Ravichandra Ravulapati
  • Kenneth Auchenberg
  • Edward O'Connor
  • Jon Arne S.
  • Nils Windisch
  • Nenad V. Nikolić
  • Ade Bateman
  • Thomas M Alisi
  • Torben
  • Karolina Szczur
  • Auli Kütt
  • Chris Birk
  • Giulia Alfonsi
  • Razvan Caliman
  • Jon Richter
  • Areski Belaid
  • Yoav Weiss
  • Anton
  • Arthur Barstow
  • Rogier Barendregt
  • Alex Russell
  • вкαя∂εℓℓ

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