Call for speakers

Frontend Dev Conf'14

The conference will be held on the 19th of April, 2013 in Minsk, Belarus.

Frontend Dev Conf’14 is the technical conference for frontend developers and UI-specialists

We invite you to share your unique experience with colleagues from Belarus whose IT industry is among the top five outsourcing destinations in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

We encourage you to submit talks regarding these subjects:

• Front-end frameworks hidden features,
• Large-scale applications,
• Dev tools for front-end development,
• Patterns for front-end development,
• Build systems,
• MV* frameworks,
• CSS preprocessors,
• Templating frameworks
Other related technical issues

The list is flexible and we are ready to consider any talks related to these topics.

We are looking for quality, technical submissions.

Send your proposal to pr@itstaff.by with the following information:
1. Name and a short presentation bio
2. The title of the talk
3. A short description of the session

Do not hesitate to ask any questions at info@itstaff.by.

This call is now closed.

  • Opened on: 10th February 2014
  • Closed on: 14th March 2014
  • Notification date: 3rd March 2014