FP Days 2014

The practical Functional Programming event

20 21 November 2014

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FP Days is the foremost practical event for the European Functional Programming community.

The event brings together leading experts on a variety of functional programming languages and topics for 2 days of intense experience-sharing and hands-on learning.

We're very pleased to announce Don Syme, designer and architect of F#, as our first keynote speaker. More information on Don's keynote will be available in the next few months.

We'd like to help FP user groups worldwide to get started or grow. Please tweet us at @fpdays or email [info@fpdays.net mailto:info@fpdays.net] to discuss how we can help.

If you want to find out what's happening with Functional Programming in industry then you need to be at FP Days. All of our speakers and many of our participants are already using FP in their day jobs or attempting to grow their organisation's use of FP.

Visit the event website, track the event here on Lanyrd or follow @FPDays to keep up to date with event news and updates.

Some of the sessions at previous FP Days events are available on InfoQ.com:
[FP Days 2012 highlightshttp://www.infoq.com/fp_days_cambridge_2012/] FP Days 2013 Highlights. Hands-on sessions were not filmed (for obvious reasons).

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Chadwick Court, London, SE1 8DJ

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22 known attendees

  • Simon Parker
  • Matthew Brown
  • Eoin Woods
  • Ivan Schütz
  • Satish Srinivasan
  • Pierluigi Riti
  • 7up
  • Martin Bodocky
  • Don Syme
  • Mark Dalgarno
  • Cara Hanman
  • Christophe Grand
  • Anil Wadghulé
  • Emilie Smith
  • Arnaud Bailly
  • Jacqui Davidson
  • Anthony Brown
  • UK event for FP
  • Vesa Karvonen
  • Willem van den Ende
  • Jan Dzik
  • José Pedro Magalhães

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  • Doug Clinton
  • Gábor Vészi
  • Daniel Kirsch
  • Jan Friderici
  • Tobias Adam
  • dann
  • Umberto Raimondi
  • Juho Juopperi
  • Carlo Sciolla
  • Henrik Sjöstrand
  • Richard Dallaway
  • Emlyn Corrin
  • Herve Meftah
  • Michael Bylstra
  • Phil Calçado
  • S.W.
  • Brent Hargrave
  • steve mcc
  • Colin Fleming
  • Christian Blunden
  • Andrea Magnorsky
  • Gorazd Kozmus
  • matthewrevell
  • Emin Hasanov
  • Einar W. Høst
  • Aleksander Sumowski
  • Marcin Gryszko
  • Luke Amdor
  • j1n3l0
  • Andrei Ursan
  • Kofi Sarfo
  • Ju Gonçalves
  • Sophie Lipowska
  • Dominika Musiał
  • Alexey Kachayev
  • meitham
  • Anthony S. G. Evans
  • Christina Gadala-Maria
  • Tom Morris
  • Derrick

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