31 October 2 November 2014

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47 speakers

  • soumyaC @soumyaC
  • Åke Nygren @akenyg
  • Leigh Honeywell @hypatiadotca
  • Karl Fogel @kfogel
  • Ole Tange @oletange
  • Mikael Nordfeldth Lead maintainer and developer for GNU social
  • Reza Javaheri @reza_javaheri Computer scientist
  • rysiek Hacktivist, free-softie, President of the Board Free and Open Source Software Foundation, founding member of the Warsaw Hackerspace
  • Walid al-Saqaf Yemeni academic, journalist, and anti-censorship activist
  • George Dafermos Member of the core research team of the FLOK Society Project
  • Bhavani Shankar @bhavibond
  • Johan Söderberg post-doc researcher at LATTS and IFRIS
  • Andreas Nilsson Designer at Red Hat
  • Jan Ainali @Jan_Ainali
  • Kevin Flanagan Community and communications facilitator with the P2P Foundation
  • Roger Antonsen @rantonse
  • Jon Haavie Project Leader, Producer of Maker Faire and MakerCon, Maker Ambassador, Exhibit Designer
  • Guilhem Moulin
  • Sara Tocchetti Ex-biologists not yet turned into science and technology studies with a strong interest for activism
  • Lauri Võsandi @v6sa
  • Renée Göthberg @ReneeGoth
  • Olle Bjerkås @buzzmash
  • Jonas Gamalielsson Researcher at the University of Skövde’s Informatics Research Centre.
  • André Costa

28 known attendees

  • Allt Inom IT/Kenneth
  • soumyaC
  • Åke Nygren
  • Leigh Honeywell
  • Karl Fogel
  • Ole Tange
  • Reza Javaheri
  • Bhavani Shankar
  • Jan Ainali
  • Roger Antonsen
  • Lauri Võsandi
  • Renée Göthberg
  • Olle Bjerkås
  • André Costa
  • Christopher Brewster
  •  Patrik Gustafsson
  • story architect
  • Mikael Ögren
  • Thomas Gramstad
  • David Hilmer Rex
  • Hans Jørgen Lysglimt Johansen
  • Sam Tuke
  • Lars Noväng
  • Dougald Hine
  • Oliver Propst
  • Zeeshan Ali

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