FunctionalJS London - Clojurescript - January 2014

28 January 2014 from 7pm to 9:30pm

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FunctionalJS is a meetup to learn about functional programming with JS - whether that means using underscore/lodash, exploring currying and FRP, or languages that compile to JS to bring more functional tools to bear.

Functional Front-end: ClojureScript with Thomas G. Kristensen

Clojure's powerful functional tools are available on the front end. core.async allows you to write synchronous-looking code without loosing asynchronicity. Add macros and fast immutable data-structures into the mix and you've got a compelling new language for UI work!

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  • Alan Shaw
  • Jamie White
  • Mark Greenwood
  • Sébastien Cevey
  • DuncanMacWeb
  • orliesaurus
  • Rob Knight
  • Raflondon
  • Courtney Leacock
  • Grzegorz Caban
  • Tom Gallacher
  • Rémi Borgniet
  • Dan Munday
  • Tim Ruffles
  • Thomas G. Kristensen
  • Matt Field

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  • Razvan Caliman

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