Gateways Of The Mind

Explorations Deep Into Consciousness

8 9 November 2014

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A gateway of the mind is a methodology to enable us to understand our deeper self, the cosmos and the nature of reality. There are many gateways of the mind, including lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, shamanic practices, meditation, dance to name a few. The by-products of these practices include physical and emotional well-being, healing, mind-training, consciousness expansion and wisdom. The aim of these practices are viewed similarly across many ancient traditions – the integration of our 'ultimate self' with our physical self in order to transcend the cycle of birth, death, afterlife and re-birth.

Gateways London '14 will present experts, authors and practitioners who will elucidate on each part of the wheel of life and outline the importance of lucidity throughout. From one of the most ancient surviving civilisations on the planet, the Dogons, to the wisdom tradition of the Sufis and to the research by some of our most progressive Western minds.

7 speakers

  • Dr Rupert Sheldrake @RupertSheldrake Biologist and author of more than 80 scientific papers and ten books, including his recent The Science Delusion.
  • Dr Peter Fenwick Neuropsychiatrist, Lecturer, Chairman of Science & Medical Network
  • Dr Penny Sartori Near-Death-Experience Researcher, Author
  • Dr Nigel Hamilton UK Representative for the Sufi Order
  • Naba Shenmira Iritah Dogon Priest, Healer & Spiritual Activist from the Gulmu region of Meritah
  • Ya’Acov Darling Khan Founder of the School of Movement Medicine
  • Charlie Morley Lucid Dream Teacher

2 known attendees

  • Rupert Sheldrake
  • Emma Farrell

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