Hacks/Hackers BA Media Party 2014

hacks, hackers, datajournalism, entrepreneurs

28 30 August 2014

Three awesome journeys of keynotes, workshops, demos, networking and an open data hackathon. Journalists, analysts, designers, software developers and activists working together for rebooting journalism and re-inventing media outlets.

65 speakers

  • Juan Pablo Kutianski @baldpower
  • Burt Herman @burtherman Hacks/Hackers founder. Entrepreneurial journalist finding meaning in the noise. Co-founder of Storify, Hacks/Hackers. 09 Knight Fellow @ Stanford
  • Dan Sinker @dansinker Heading up the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project, author of @MayorEmanuel, founder of Punk Planet magazine. 09 Knight Fellow @ Stanford
  • erika owens @erika_owens
  • Friedrich Lindenberg @pudo
  • Marcos Vanetta @malev Software engineer. Hacker at http://mapa76.info and member of @Hacks/HackersBA. Knight Mozilla Fellow 2014 at the TexasTribune. Living in ATX
  • Douglas Arellanes @dougiegyro Sourcefabric co-founder and director of innovation, tech activist, expat American, CZ-EN translator, DJ on @radio1prague.
  • Justin Arenstein @justinarenstein African-based media strategist & start-up junky, consulting for Google & ICFJ. '10 Knight Fellow @ Stanford
  • Mark Boas @maboa Web App Developer specializing in Front-end, JS, Real-time Web and HTML5 esp. audio/video. jPlayer dev. Hyperaudio. Open Web & Knight-Mozilla Open News Fellow.
  • Hαrlo Holmes @harlo web & mobile dev who codes for good. head of metadata at @guardianproject / New York Times
  • Brian T. Jacobs @btjakes Designer, developer, solid state survivor. Knight-Mozilla Fellow at ProPublica
  • Aure Moser @auremoser Archivist/Analyst/Algorist/Activist 2014 Knight-Mozilla Fellow: Ushahidi + Internews-KE Girl Develop It-NYC
  • gaba @gaba
  • Ben Chartoff @BenChartoff Data and data visualization stories. 2014 @opennews fellow at @washingtonpost
  • David Lemayian @DavidLemayian Creative geek with a passion for innovation. #OpenData #OpenInnovation @Code4Africa
  • GkillCity.com @GkillCitycom
  • El Meme @elmeme_me
  • El Cambur @CamburYMedio
  • Jeanne Brooks @jmfbrooks Co-Founder/Director @NewsDisruptors, audience and engagement @WNYC's #sleepdata http://wnyc.org/sleep, @techladymafia Hacks/Hackers director
  • Sasa Vucinic @salaja Founder of IndieVoic.es - crowdfunding portal for independent media. Previously a co-founder and the first CEO of MDLF (Media Development Loan Fund)
  • Trei Brundrett @clockwerks vp product + technology for Vox Media, publisher of SB Nation and The Verge; Astros fan; maker of internet things
  • Syed Karim @syedkarim I like breaking things and building stuff. And I manage a seed fund for news-related startups. http://digitalnewsventures.org
  • marianamourasantos @marysaints Motion & Interaction designer @guardian, swimmer and Londoner (for now). '15 Knight Fellow @ Stanford
  • Jefferson Prestes @jeffprestes Evangelist developer at Paypal

68 sessions

Kenotes/Workshops Day 1 from 10am to 9pm Thursday 28th August 2014

Keynotes/Workshops Day 2 from 10am to 9pm Friday 29th August 2014

39 sessions presented by 65 speakers

Hackathon Day 3 from 11am to 8pm Saturday 30th August 2014


95 known attendees

  • Analía Llorente
  • Emiliano
  • Diana
  • dianasai
  • Judith Morales
  • socorro estrada
  • zê.
  • Hunter Brookshier
  • eveevans
  • Luis
  • Juan Pablo Kutianski
  • Michael Cetrulo
  • Antonio Ognio
  • Julia Grimsditch
  • Vladimir Bellini
  • Gerónimo Tutusaus
  • Igor Garfias
  • Juan Laria
  • Helge Holler
  • Rulo Kobashikawa
  • Joaquín Vicente
  • Belén Santorun
  • Alejo S. Tarrío
  • gonzobaires
  • ericka almeida
  • Agustín Benassi
  • Guillermo Narvaja
  • Tea Alberti
  • Catalina Farias
  • Victoria
  • Burt Herman
  • My berru
  • dansinker
  • erika owens
  • deimidis
  • Friedrich Lindenberg
  • Sergio Sorin
  • malev
  • Douglas Arellanes
  • runixo

11 people tracking this event

  • Stefan Wehrmeyer
  • Alberto Labarga
  • Pablo Balbis
  • Gustavo Loras
  • Joan Lascano
  • Mayra Báez Jimeno
  • Marina Furfaro
  • Ramiro Chanes
  • Lucas Hernán Minutella
  • Lucila
  • Yury Camacho

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