Sessions at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen 2014 about Internal Communication

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Tuesday 25th February 2014

  • The Digital Workplace Journey: Obstacles and how to Overcome Them

    by Jane McConnell

    The digital workplace is a new mindset. It is holistic, forcing the organization, functions and people to think outside their own silos. It is space and time independent letting many people work when and where it is the most appropriate. It is an enabler, empowering people to express themselves and to take initiatives they could not previously do so easily. For some organizations, it has become a strategic asset reported at the highest levels of management.

    These fundamental changes impact management, communication, HR, IT, customer service teams, and on and on. There are many obstacles to overcome before an organization can achieve an effective digital workplace.

    This workshop will start with a short presentation on "Obstacles and Approaches" based on input from the 2014 Digital Workplace survey. We will then identify the obstacles that concern the workshop participants, and work though them collectively, sharing ideas and experiences We will draw guidelines and recommendations at the end of the workshop for your reference when you are back in your own digital workplace after the conference!

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    At 9:00am to 10:30am, Tuesday 25th February

    In room: Executives, Radisson BLU Scandinavia

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  • Words are NOT Enough

    by suzanne salvo

    - Practical strategy for visual communications

    The communicaton industry is becoming more visually oriented and communicators from writing backgrounds are now asked to be photographers and video producers as well. Images are the most powerful form of communication on the plantet – when done right. This hands-on session is guaranteed to increase your visual know-how and boost your confidence and creativity whether you are shooting or managing the visual communication process. Learn quick and easy still and video tips before practicing your new skills on a mock assignment. Learn how to size-up a shooting environment, find the most effective shots and see the world from a more creative perspective.
    You will learn:
    *Storytelling with a camera – the 3 shots you must have
    *Beyond documentation – Develop your own unique photo style, adding meaning and emotional depth to your shots
    *Techniques for evaluating and using available light
    *Current trends and styles in the visual marketplace

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    At 10:45am to 12:15pm, Tuesday 25th February

    In room: Directors, Radisson BLU Scandinavia

  • Strategic storytelling: How to bring your writing to life, and life to your writing

    by Jennifer Wah, ABC, MC

    Jennifer Wah is an international award-winning communications consultant who has been listening to, and sharing stories her whole life. In this session, she will draw on her ability to link an organization's business needs to the stories of its people by analyzing examples that will inspire you to go looking for real stories that will make a difference in your organization.

    In this session you will learn the questions you need to ask, of yourself, and those around you, to encourage a storytelling culture, and to show up as a better storyteller yourself. Come prepared to explore the art and science of strategic storytelling to increase engagement, performance and pride in employees; come prepared to practice what many business think tanks are describing as the most important business skill in the next five years. And, you’ll discover how online and social media offer more opportunities than ever before to bring your team's stories to life, and life to those stories.

    DK priser og tilmelding | UK prices and register | SE priser och anmälan

    At 1:15pm to 2:45pm, Tuesday 25th February

    In room: Oslo, Radisson BLU Scandinavia

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