Call for sponsors

[CANCELLED] JS.everywhere(2014) Europe



(30-31 December are not the new dates)


Conferences wouldn't be that awesome without the contribution of generous sponsors.

Contact us at: sponsor@jseverywhere.com

About the Event

The JS.everywhere() conference demonstrate how strong are JavaScript and HTML5 to build and deploy Web and mobile B2E, B2B and B2C professional business application using widely supported Web Standards. JavaScript technologies are shown everywhere in any technologies like databases, servers, proxies, desktops, mobiles, televisions, objects, drones... and in any business / real life domains like transport, commerce, health, art, sport, ecology, industry...

The Enterprise world is more and more looking at Cloud platforms and mobile devices for either internal, external usages. We choose for mission to help finding some of the best solutions to enhance portability & interoperability while preserving maintainability & security.


  • 5th edition (2nd in Europe)
  • Endorsed by the W3C (since the first edition)
  • Two days event on March 27-28
  • 200-300 attendees
  • Public: Developers, Web Architects, CTOs, Entrepreneurs
  • Preferred event of the Wakanda Business Web Applications developer community
  • European: international attendees, all sessions are in english
  • No financial profit - all tickets and sponsors money is directly invested in the event to get the best speaker/attendee experience

Former Sponsors

Amazon, Mozilla, Yahoo, RedHat, O’Reilly, eBay, Atlassian, Pubnub, MongoLabs...

Former Media Sponsors

InfoQ, The Rude Baguette, Programmez, AccessiWeb, Human Coders, Moonbar, NoSQL matters...

Former Speakers

  • Philippe Le Hegaret - W3C
  • Tristan Nitot, Bill Walker - Mozilla
  • Steve Citron-­Pousty - RedHat
  • Steve Gill - Adobe
  • Douglas Crockford - PayPal (ex Yahoo!)
  • Estelle Weyl - Author, Trainer & Consultant (Yahoo! / Apple)
  • Julian Aubourg - jQuery
  • Doris Chen - Microsoft
  • Manuel Deschamps - Twitter
  • Aaron Heckmann - 10Gen
  • Stephen Blum - PubNub
  • Pamela Fox - Khan Academy (ex Coursera, Google)
  • Kyle Simpson - getify
  • Dave Freeman - HP
  • Mark Percival - Yahoo!
  • Raj Lal - Nokia
  • ...

About the Organiser

4D is a France based international software company committed into JavaScript and Web Standards evangelization. With almost 30 years of experience in business application development and deployment solutions, 4D provides today an End-to-end JavaScript Open source platform called Wakanda dedicated to web and mobile business applications. 4D employees participate to different Web oriented working groups like CommonJS, WHATWG, JSON-RPC, Firebug WG… and the company eventually became a W3C member in 2012.

4D organizes “4D Devcon” and “4D Summit” developer conferences since 1988. It started the JavaScript dedicated conferences in 2011 with Wakanday, which tagline was JS.everywhere(). It already provided great speakers like Douglas Crockford, Philippe le Hegaret (W3C), and Joe McCann.

The JS.everywhere() team responsible for the program is composed of experienced JavaScript developers regularly attending many JavaScript meetups and conferences all over the world like the Ajax Experience, JSConf, Web Directions, Fluent, BrazilJS, dotJS, JSDays, Web-5, HTML5 Developer Conference, Silicon Developer Camp, The Geek Gathering, or NodeConf...

European JS User Group are also invited to contribute to the communication and to the program selection to better fit with attendees expectations.

About the Venue

The Pan Piper is a recent green building getting the HQE (High Quality Environmental standard) label. It is associated to the Pan Cooker restaurant with high quality food, which French Chief will be in charge of the conference meals.

The main talks room is a concert room. The sponsor area is a nice dedicated room from which sessions can also be watched and listened via audio/video transmission so attendees will be less in hurry to move to the main conference room area to spend more time in the booth with sponsors.

European JS User Groups will also be represented in this same room, making it an important meeting point and a good place to reach involved JS community members.

This call is now closed.

  • Closed on: 28th January 2014