The Little Schemer Book Club: Meeting 3 attendee directory

Chris Zetter

A tea-drinking, cookie-baking, Ruby-coding, Doctor-Who-watching Londoner.

Chris Lowis

Engineer at FutureLearn


OmniGeek, Theater fan, occasional mountaineer, thoroughly nice chap

Tim Cowlishaw

Leftist Heap. bio from Twitter

Jamie White

Hello! bio from Twitter

James Mead

Co-director of @freerange software coop; Ruby developer; author of @mocha_rb; sailing & telemark skiing enthusiast; former Antarctic winterer. bio from Twitter

Tom Stuart

The wind of nothingness blasts, unhindered, from every talk.

This person is involved with this event.
Joel Chippindale

COO at @FutureLearn, all half formed reckons are my own bio from Twitter

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