London Book Fair 2014 attendee directory

Bill Thompson

I'm a hack and pundit

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Adrian Hon

CEO and Co-Founder of Six to Start (Zombies, Run!) writer for The Telegraph, former neuroscientist

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Tom Dolan

Tall, curly, a bit sequins, a bit database.

Alex Hardy

Media & entertainment lawyer at Harbottle & Lewis. Tweeting about the law and really good books bio from Twitter

Nico Macdonald

Educator, facilitator and consultant on innovation and creativity. Tutor and Visiting Fellow @LSBU_ACI. BIG POTATOES manifesto co-author (@TheBigPotatoes) bio from Twitter

Charles Catton

Publishing Manager at Amber Books Ltd, and professional content wrangler

Rachel Cutts

Product Manager for #eBooks at CABI, choir director and notebook filler. One half of @thenightherons and one tenth of @soundofscience_ bio from Twitter

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Charlie Harrington

essential to the booth at @knewton

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