Madison+ Ruby (formerly Madison Ruby)

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20 23 August 2014

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Madison+ Ruby is more than a typical one-track conference. We’re committed to bringing together two great communities by showcasing the assets of the local Ruby community and allowing Madison visitors a chance to experience one of the best, brainiest, and least-expensive places in the United States to live and work. This is the only conference in the Midwest where you’ll meet developers, yogis, business developers, and perhaps even artisan foodies all in the same place. Inspire, energize, and connect with Madison+ Ruby.

20 speakers

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16 sessions

RailsBridge: Install Fest Day 1 from 6:30pm to 9pm Wednesday 20th August 2014

Workshops Day 2 from 8am to 5pm Thursday 21st August 2014

Conference Day 1 Day 3 from 8am to 6pm Friday 22nd August 2014

Conference Day 2 Day 4 from 9am to 6pm Saturday 23rd August 2014


37 known attendees

  • Olivier Lacan
  • Kerri Miller.to_ꃕ
  • Catherine Garcia
  • あさり
  • John McCaffrey
  • Strand McCutchen
  • Khalbeesi
  • Meagan Waller
  • Blithe Rocher
  • Alex Koppel
  • Culley smith
  • Chris
  • Andrew Petro
  • Andrew Hooker
  • JenRemsik
  • Liz Abinante!
  • Mariya Bubela
  • Carina C. Zona
  • Ben Ellis
  • Jessie Shternshus
  • Vannessa Rodello
  • Jim Remsik
  • Prathamesh Sonpatki
  • André Arko
  • Ben Bleything
  • Vipul A M
  • Sharon Steed
  • Coraline Ada Ehmke
  • Brian
  • Bryan Liles (ツ)
  • Scarlett Sparks
  • Societal Obstacle
  • Abraham Sangha
  • sailor mercury
  • Kronda
  • Alida
  • yumbutter

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  • λarry Staton Jr.
  • George
  • Alex Coles
  • Christopher Dell
  • Drew Neil
  • Derek Kastner
  • Michał Taszycki
  • Trevor Bramble
  • Craig Kerstiens
  • isaac a. murchie
  • John Paul Ashenfelter
  • Aki
  • Phil Nash
  • Alex Miller
  • Randy Burgess
  • Joiey Seeley
  • Jonathan Wallace
  • Ivan Storck

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