Sessions at Øredev 2014 on Thursday 6th November

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  • Advanced Android TextView

    by Chiu-Ki Chan

    The humble TextView was there when you wrote your Hello World app. You know how to change its text size and color, perhaps its font too. But do you know that you can also put multiple font sizes in the same TextView? Highlight individual words? Embed inline images? Come and learn how to unleash the power of TextView with Span, Paint, and much more.

    At 11:20am to 12:00pm, Thursday 6th November

  • Distractedly Intimate - Your Users on Mobile

    by Cate Huston

    Building for mobile is not just a change of form factor, and web versus native is one of the least interesting design questions to answer. How do we build for the user's most intimate and most loved device, and allow for the intermittent, partial attention? When everyone has a device this powerful on them all the time, everything changes. Let's talk about what that means.

    At 12:20pm to 1:00pm, Thursday 6th November

  • Do more of what you love, less of what you don't love with Cloud Foundry

    by Holly Cummins

    Developers are getting excited about Cloud Foundry, the multi-vendor Platform as a Service (PaaS). Cloud Foundry eliminates a lot of the more boring aspects of our job - no more installing middleware, sorting out databases, and banging heads against complex deployments. This leaves us with more time for the fun stuff - writing code and getting stuff out to users fast.

    With Cloud Foundry, an application can easily be deployed to a variety of managed clouds and scaled up and down as required. This talk will demonstrate how to get started with Cloud Foundry by live-coding an application (with a front-end, a back-end, and even a middle-bit) and then live-deploying it to the web.

    At 4:40pm to 5:20pm, Thursday 6th November

  • FsLab: Doing data science with F#

    by Tomas Petricek

    How to get knowledge from data? We need to access CSV files and REST services, combine the data while handling missing values, try different analyses and machine learning algorithms and then build visualizations to make our point. We need to explore data interactively, but end up with reproducible scripts that can be easily deployed in production.

    I’ll demonstrate end-to-end data analysis using FsLab – a cross-platform set of data science libraries and tools based on F# that make it easy to perform the entire process with a single tool. Type providers turn external data sources into inherent part of your language; integration with tools like R gives you immediate access to professional packages and HTML5-based visualization tools produce beautiful results.

    Along the way, we’ll explore correlations between countries using the WorldBank, we’ll look at survival rate of different passengers on Titanic and we’ll look how different political parties contribute to country’s debt.

    At 5:40pm to 6:20pm, Thursday 6th November

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  • Beyond responsive design - UI for the modern web application

    by Pete Smith

    Applications written for the modern web are being consumed not just on desktop browsers, but also on a myriad of other devices... even watches and glasses. If you design your application with a pc screen in mind, at worst you're either cutting your user base in half or setting yourself up for an expensive redesign.

    In this talk I'll introduce you to some modern web design constructs, and the technologies that bring them to life. This is not just grid layouts or twitter bootstrap... learn how to create apps that work intrinsically on phone, mobile and desktop with no extra effort or frameworks. When implemented correctly, we'll see that the web is no longer that far behind native applications. The future of the web is now.

    On Thursday 6th November

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