Sessions at Øredev 2014 on Friday 7th November

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  • Spring 4, Java EE 7 or Both

    by Ivar Grimstad

    Problems choosing between Java EE and Spring? Or do you want to use both in combination? Then this session is something for you.

    In this session I will build an application using Spring 4, then build the same application using Java EE 7 and at last build it again using a combination of the two.

    Strengths and weaknesses with the three approaches will then be explored and lessons learned summarized.

    At 1:20pm to 2:00pm, Friday 7th November

    In Slagthuset

  • "It doesn't work that way in Enterprise"

    by Pete Smith

    We've all heard it... or something similar. There's probably one senior guy at work who tells you this at least once a month. You've got an idea for an amazing new feature or practice that's going to save your company both time and money, but it's too 'cutting edge'; your management fears the unfamiliar and you are cruelly stifled.

    "It doesn't work like that in Enterprise" is a passionate and motivational story about my journey as a developer in the face of one of the worst fallacies in our industry. The extremes of my experience will make you laugh & cry in equal measure, and maybe help put your own frustrations into perspective. Just remember, it does get better... and you probably got off very f***g lightly!

    On Friday 7th November

  • Fixing the Internet of Things

    by Alasdair Allan

    Everyday objects are becoming smarter. In ten years’ time, every piece of clothing you own, every piece of jewellery you wear, and every thing you carry with you will be measuring, weighing and calculating your life. In ten years, the world — your world — will be full of sensors.

    The problem? The things are becoming smarter, but they’re also becoming selfish. Your lightbulbs aren’t talking to your media centre, your media centre isn’t talking to your blinds, and nobody is talking to the thermostat. Instead of talking to each other, everything is talking to you—you’ve ended up as a mechanical turk inside someone else’s software.

    That situation can’t continue, we need to fix the Internet of Things. As our computing continues its diffusion out into the environment we need our things to work together. The things have to become not just smarter, but more co-operative, they need to become anticipatory rather than reactive.

    Right now we have not so much an Internet of Things, but a series of Islands of Things. I present open source protocols and architectures that will help solve this trouble with the Internet of Things.

    On Friday 7th November

    In Slagthuset

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