openSUSE conference 2014

Annual gathering of the openSUSE Community and other Free and Open Source contributors

24 28 April 2014

35 speakers

  • Michael Meeks @michael_meeks Michael was one of the leaders in the formation of the Document Foundation and serves on the Engineering Steering Committee of the foundation.
  • Jos Poortvliet @jospoortvliet ownCloud Community Manager, Marketing Team Member at KDE
  • Izabel Valverde @izabelvalverde Member of openSUSE Travel Support Program Committee, openSUSE Advocate, Gnome Foundation Member
  • Michal Hrušecký @ImiskaI Member of openSUSE Team at SUSE, openSUSE Advocate
  • Athanasios Ilias Rousinopoulos @zoumpis openSUSE Advocate, Member of openSUSE Membership Committee
  • Alberto Planas @a_planas Member of openSUSE Team at SUSE
  • Camila Ayres @camilasan Engineering Trainee for Mobile & Self-Service Applications at Meltwater Group
  • Dominik Bamberger @bamb00zzle from SUSE Linux
  • Peter Czanik Peter Czanik is community manager at BalaBit, developers of syslog-ng.
  • Andrew Wafaa Long time openSUSE member and contributor, Board Member. Principal Engineer, Open Source at ARM Ltd.
  • Kenneth Wimer SUSE Linux Products GmbH
  • Wookey Debian / Linaro
  • Jan Weber SUSE
  • Oliver Neukum SUSE
  • Markus Rueckert
  • Ludwig Nussel SUSE

53 sessions

Day 1 Thursday 24th April 2014

Day 2 from 10am to 5pm Friday 25th April 2014

Day 3 from 10am to 5:30pm Saturday 26th April 2014

Day 4 from 10am to 5pm Sunday 27th April 2014

Day 5 from 10am to 1pm Monday 28th April 2014

22 known attendees

  • openSUSE E17
  • openSUSE MATE
  • George Bratsos
  • Greek Geeko
  • Ilias R.
  • Konstantinos Livieratos
  • Efstathios Iosifidis
  • Michael Meeks
  • Jos Poortvliet
  • Henne Vogelsang
  • Izabel Valverde
  • Michal Hrušecký
  • Thanasis Rousinopoul
  • Alberto Planas
  • Camila Ayres
  • Dominik Bamberger
  • Robert Schweikert
  • Skiarxon
  • Josef Reidinger
  • Sam Tuke
  • Richard Brown
  • openSUSEConf

4 people tracking this event

  • Daniel Maslowski
  • Dom Delimar
  • Alessandro Renna
  • Michael McCallister

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