PHP Conference Argentina 2014 speakers

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Alejandro Glejberman

Technical Manager at Acilia Internet

Frustrated soccer player that turned to computer engineering, almost by pure chance. He has been loving PHP since his beginnings as a web developer, particularly with Symfony since its 1.0 version. Uruguayan and proud father of Benjamín.

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Alvaro Videla

Developer Advocate for RabbitMQ/Pivotal

Before moving to Europe Alvaro used to work in Shanghai where he helped building one of Germany’s biggest websites. He co-authored the book “RabbitMQ in Action” for Manning Publishing. He does a great amount of open source work evolving around RabbitMQ, Clojure and Erlang.

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Andrés Gutierrez

Creator of Phalcon framework and Zephir

Andrés is the creator and architect of the Phalcon framework and the Zephir programming language. He is a member of the Phalcon Team, a PHP/c developer for over 10 years, and represents Phalcon at the PHP-FIG. The MIT granted him with a regional TR35 recognizing him as one of the most innovative individuals in Latin America.

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Andrés Montañez

Programmer at Acilia Internet

Andrés has over a decade of experience with PHP and he still loves it as if it was the first day. He has been involved in some pretty epic challenges at Acilia Internet. He created the deployment tool Magallanes (100% PHP based). He is enthusiastic about technology and cience. A lover of role based games (such as Dungeons & Dragons) and of movies. He considers himself an old school nerd, and is an Uruguayan that does not drink mate nor plays soccer (call Ripley!)

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Andrés Quijano

Computer Scientist

Andrés has been working as a developer for over 15 years, acting as a freelancer for the last 10. He has been involved in projects of all kinds, focusing primarily in web development, and he is a regular contributor to open source projects. As a developer of distributed applications (and games), he became obsessed with avoiding hackers, which made him dive into the cryptography and computer security fields.

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Anthony Ferrara

Developer advocate at Google

Anthony is a Developer Advocate for Google, where he works with key partners to implement strong integrations with Google’s products. He has experience with Object Oriented Design, Application Architecture, Highly Scalable Web Applications and Web Application Security. He is a contributor to multiple Open Source projects, as well as the PHP community as a whole. He is also a former PHP Internals contributor, as well as a Core Team Member and Development Coordinator for the Joomla! project.

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Augusto Pascutti

PHPSP Founder

Augusto is the founder of the PHP San Pablo user group, one of the most popular user groups in Brazil. He is a web developer with extensive open source experience, and has spoken at several conferences. He is currently a software engineer at Emprego Ligado, Brazil’s largest job board.

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Ben Marks

Magento Evangelist

A PHP and eCommerce developer for over 10 years, Ben has spent the last six years working and educating in the world of Magento. He has over 1500 hours of in-person training under his belt and recently joined Magento, Inc. as the Magento Evangelist, helping Magento to better serve its community.

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Brad Fitzpatrick

Creator of Memcached, Gearman, and Go core developer

Brad is known as the creator of LiveJoural, and the author of a wide variety of free software such as Memcached, Gearman, and the OpenID protocol. He currently works at Google where he is a core member of the Go programming language team, one of the most popular programming languages of recent ages.

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Brent Shaffer

Developer at Adobe Systems, Inc.

When a young musician with an analytical mind finds he has little chance of making it as an artist, he decides to jump head first into the world of computer science and finds he loves programming even more than his original passion. Brent Shaffer is a software developer on the Web Services team for Adobe Systems, Inc. who enjoys Open Source and the PHP community.

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César D. Rodas

Hacker at mega.co.nz

A PECL programmer and a contributor to the PHP driver for MongoDB, he has worked for several companies. He is widely known for contributing to a considerable amount of open source projects, and for being a speaker of several conferences around the world.

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Dan Radigan

Senior agile evangelist for Atlassian

Dan has fifteen years of experience in software development wearing a wide variety of hats ― program management, engineering, quality, and now marketing. He works at Atlassian, makers of JIRA, a popular issue-tracking platform for product teams. He loves to see teams succeed with agile, and has helped many technical and nontechnical teams see its benefits and transition to agile. Previously Dan worked on software development teams for Netflix, Dell, and Adobe.

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Daniel Rabinovich

CTO of MercadoLibre

Daniel is the CTO of MercadoLibre.com (NASDAQ:MELI), the largest online market place in Latin America and one the largest e-commerce sites in the world. With operations on over 13 countries, and a market of more than 550 million people, it is the most popular Internet company in the region.

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Derick Rethans

Creator of Xdebug

Derick Rethans is an expert of all related to PHP internals. He created Xdebug, the de-facto debugging tool for PHP, and regularly contributes to the PHP core, having developed several other PHP extensions and utilities. He is currently working on the MongoDB driver for PHP at MongoDB, Inc.

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Dustin Whittle

Developer Evangelist at AppDynamics

Dustin Whittle focuses on helping organizations manage application performance. Before joining AppDynamics, Dustin was CTO at Kwarter, a consultant at SensioLabs, and developer evangelist at Yahoo!. He has experience building and leading engineering teams and working with developers and partners to scale to meet demand.

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Er Galvão Abbott

Founder of PHP Conference Brazil

Er Galvão is the President of ABRAPHP – Brazilian Association for PHP Professionals, Director of PHP Conference Brasil and founder of PHPBR, a user group that has over 1200 associates in Brasil. He’s been working for over 20 years developing web-interfaced systems and applications, and has spent 15 years with PHP and 7 years with Zend Framework. He has worked on many national and international companies, regularly speaks at events and teaches web development courses in several institutions and companies.

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Ernesto Gigliotti

Electronics Engineer

Ernesto is passionate about computers, and has been working for over 8 years in projects that allow him to combine his true passions: electronics and programming. Throughout this process he has worked with different programming languages, from Assembler to Python, and from C to Java. For the last three years he has been teaching the Android Programming course at the Free Software Laboratory of Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Avellaneda).

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Fabien Potencier

Creator of Symfony

Fabien founded the Symfony project in 2004, and since then has been leading it to be recognized as the most popular PHP framework by many in the community. He is a prolific open source developer, with a tremendous amount of projects on his plate, and he is a founder of SensioLabs, a company he created in 1998 and that recently raised over 5 million euros.

  • Keynote, Fri 7th November 11:50am to 12:40pm
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Javier Eguiluz

Evangelist at SensioLabs and organizer of deSymfony

Javier is a Symfony expert from day one, having founded the spanish community of Symfony (one of the most active communities in the world and the place to go for spanish speaking Symfony programmers). Teaching comes natural to him and he is constantly giving talks about Symfony around the world.

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Lisa Besserman

Founder of Startup Buenos Aires

Lisa is Business Insider’s “Top 100 Most Influential Women in Tech”, and honored as the 2014 “Business Innovator of Latin America” by the Council of the Americas. Lisa has mentored at Startup Weekends & The Next Web conference, and is a speaker at Internet Week. She has overseen the launch and development of over 4,000 mobile applications for Fortune 500 Companies. Her organization, Startup Buenos Aires, aims to inspire, connect and support startups in Latin America and around the globe.

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Mariano Iglesias

CTO of Workana

Mariano is a co-founder and CTO of Workana, a leading platform for remote and freelancing work in Latin America and one of the largest marketplaces of its kind in the world. He leads several open source projects and communities. He is a published author and has spoken at several conferences around the world.

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Martin Gontovnikas

Creator of Restangular for AngularJS

Martin is a software engineer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is passionate about technology and he always keeps up to date with everything regarding IT. He actively contributes to open source projects such as Restangular (Rest client for AngularJS), AngularWizard, Angularytics, FactoryPal, MeanerSeed, among others.

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Martín Sarsale

Founder of Sumavisos and Properati

Martin is a programmer that lives from and for “the web”; always on the free side of the force. A few years ago he founded a very succesfull startup: Sumavisos.com and he now owns Properati.com (in ruby!) where he tries to balance “what he wants to do” with “what he has to do” (and he’s very good at it!)

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Matias Torchinsky

CTO of Intraway Corporation

Matias is the CTO and head of the R&D department at Intraway Corporation. As Engineering Director, he is in charge of Intraway’s product development lifecycle, recognized as a fundamental leader for over five years. He has lead teams of talented developers who work incessantly to improve process management.

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Matias Woloski

CTO & Co-Founder at Auth0

Matias is a Software Architect specialized in identity and cloud computing. For the past 12 years he has been designing and developing software and helping companies take advantage of emerging technologies. Matias is currently building Auth0.com to help cloud and mobile apps being adopted by the enterprise by simplifying SSO setup. He is a co-author of three books: “the Claims Based Identity and Access Control Guide”, “Moving Applications to the Cloud” and “Developing Applications for the Cloud”.

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Mauricio Dávila

Computer Scientist

Mauricio has been a developer for over 15 years. He has been involved in software development projects and hardware based jobs of all shapes and sizes, focusing primarily on embedded systems. Since 2011 he manages the Free Software Laboratory at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Avellaneda), area responsible for promoting technologies and teaching about free software.

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Michael Widenius

Creator of MySQL and MariaDB

Michael is the creator and main author of the original version of MySQL (60% of its source code is still his), the most popular database engine in the world, and a founding member of the MySQL AB company. He is the creator of MariaDB, a drop-in replacement for MySQL, that is quickly gaining momentum and establishing itself as a major alternative to other database engines.

  • Keynote, Sat 8th November 11:50am to 12:40pm
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Mitchell Hashimoto

Creator of Vagrant

Mitchell is the creator of Vagrant, a de-facto standard solution for virtual machine management automation. He is the founder of HashiCorp, an O’Reilly author, known as a developer that is truly obsessed with automation, and is recognized as a leader in the DevOps community.

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Nate Abele

Creator of Lithium

Nate helped create and acted as lead developer of CakePHP, one of the most popular frameworks for PHP, and later on created Lithium, an innovative, modern and agile framework tailored for newer versions of PHP.

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Nicolás Cerrini

Freelance programmer

Nicolás has been a freelance programmer for over 6 years. One day he decided to quit his regular job, and hasn’t looked back since. Throughout this adventure he has worked on over 100 projects of all shapes and sizes. When he’s not working he’s usually taking pictures, planning a trip or organizing a conference somewhere.