QCon New York 2014

QCon aims to empower software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the enterprise software development community.

9 13 June 2014

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Software is Changing the World. QCon empowers software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the developer community. A practitioner-driven conference, QCon is designed for technical team leads, architects, engineering directors, and project managers who influence innovation in their teams.
QCon highlights the most important development topics driving innovation - things you should be doing now or researching for your next project - presented by the doers in our community.

Our conferences bring practitioners together with attendees who influence innovation in their teams: over half of conferences attendees, for example, have team lead or higher job titles.

Additionally, QCons are staged in an intimate environment that promotes high-quality learning, peer-sharing, fun, and inspiration!

As of 2014, there will be eight QCon conferences held in the following cities: London, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

72 speakers

71 sessions

Day 1 Monday 9th June 2014

Day 2 Tuesday 10th June 2014

Day 3 Wednesday 11th June 2014

Day 4 Thursday 12th June 2014

Day 5 Friday 13th June 2014

Unscheduled sessions

Marriott Brooklyn Bridge

United States United States / Brooklyn

333 Adams Street, Brooklyn, New York, NY, 11201

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85 known attendees

  • Steven van Heerden
  • Dustin Whittle
  • Dennis Doomen
  • Lisa van Gelder
  • Tommy Johansen
  • Tim Brown
  • fyietc (Fay)
  • Aniamaken
  • Jovan
  • Matt Hurne
  • Mark JP Anderson
  • Raj
  • Tommy Johansen
  • David Maryakhin
  • Gavin M. Roy
  • QCon New York
  • Andrew Hart
  • Brian Rinaldi
  • Eileen Murray
  • Burke H✪lland
  • Dio Synodinos
  • Chris Swan
  • Frank Greco
  • Holly Schinsky
  • Pete Soderling
  • Randy Shoup
  • robz
  • Victor Grazi
  • Werner Schuster
  • Kirk Pepperdine
  • Matt Walters
  • Trace Wax
  • Richard Clark
  • Jafar Husain
  • Viktor Gamov
  • Gilad Bracha
  • Matthew J McCullough
  • Todd L. Montgomery
  • Eric Evans
  • Shawn Gandhi

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61 people tracking this event

  • Brenden Grace
  • Todd Webb
  • Gábor Vészi
  • Matthew Graham
  • R
  • Ryan J Ollos
  • Jim Driscoll
  • Langdon White
  • Dan Miller
  • IConstructions
  • Sarah White
  • Ilya Kaplun
  • Dave Stokes
  • albertcrowley
  • Peter Sankauskas
  • Jeevak Kasarkod
  • Gyu Kwon
  • Luke Amdor
  • Mark Waddle
  • Andrey Satarin
  • David Nielsen
  • zakaria jaiathe
  • Pedro Viegas
  • AJ Bowen
  • Zeno Rocha
  • Josef Adersberger
  • Andrii Dzynia
  • Sylvain Carle
  • Tobias Battenberg
  • EllaBell
  • Transparency Market Research
  • Amanda Harlin
  • James Powell
  • Ed Costello
  • Bruno Guimarães
  • Gaurav
  • Tim Anglade
  • Jon Bulava
  • eirik
  • Luigi Berrettini

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