QED 2014


12 13 April 2014

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33 speakers

  • Richard Wiseman @RichardWiseman Professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire
  • Mark Crislip @MarkCrislip practicing Infectious Disease specialist for over twenty years, blogs regularly for Science-Based Medicine
  • Robert Llewellyn @bobbyllew actor, writer, comedian and TV presenter best known for playing the android Kryten in BBC sitcom Red Dwarf
  • Elizabeth Pisani @ElizabethPisani epidemiologist who has spent over a decade working on the defining epidemic of our age – HIV
  • Paul Zenon @PaulZenon well known for his extensive work in the world of magic
  • Brigitte West Beauty By The Geeks critically examines and reviews the scientific, or pseudo-scientific, basis to claims made by leading cosmetics manufacturers
  • Coralie Colmez Studied mathematics at Cambridge; Having been a researcher for the Maths Taskforce, she is now a member of the Bayes in Law Research Consortium
  • Rose Brown @BeautyByGeeks Beauty By The Geeks critically examines and reviews the scientific, or pseudo-scientific, basis to claims made by leading cosmetics manufacturers
  • Susan Gerbic @SusanGerbic Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia; Skeptic Action
  • Mark Edward Mentalist, author of the book "Psychic Blues"
  • Nathan Phelps @n8phelps son of the pastor of Westboro Baptist Church, who now speaks out against them
  • Andy Zaltzman @ZaltzCricket comedian, one half of The Bugle Podcast
  • Samantha Stein @Samantha_Stein Director of Camp Quest UK
  • Gemma Arrowsmith @mmaarrow Comedy writer & performer
  • Liz Lutgendorff historian and Deputy Editor of the Pod Delusion podcast
  • James O'Malley @Psythor editor of Tech Digest and a self-confessed technology addict; he produces & hosts the weekly magazine podcast ‘The Pod Delusion’
  • Laurence ‘Loz’ Kaye @LozKaye Loz Kaye took over leadership of the Pirate Party in 2010. Since then he has become a sought-after expert on civil liberties.
  • Angela Saini @angeladsaini British science journalist and author of ‘Geek Nation: How Indian Science is Taking Over the World’
  • Andy Wilson @saxman1000 host of InKredulous podcast
  • Sheena Cruickshank @sheencr lecturer in Immunology at University of Manchester
  • John-Luke Roberts @jlukeroberts comedy writer & performer; has appeared on the sketch show Spats and BBC Four's News Quiz
  • Ben Makin @BenMakin42 organizer for Edinburgh Skeptics and Skeptics on the Fringe since 2010; administers ‘SITP Organisers’ Facebook group
  • Patrick Redmond @paddyrex Catholic atheist with a theology degree who has been one of the organisers of Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub since 2010
  • Michael Marshall @MrMMarsh Vice President of the Merseyside Skeptics Society and has spoken at Skeptics in the Pubs around the country for a number of years

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30 sessions

Friday 11th April 2014

Day 1 Saturday 12th April 2014

Day 2 Sunday 13th April 2014

64 known attendees

  • Leon Korteweg
  • Shaun Sellars
  • Rosie Campbell
  • zooterkin
  • Tim Radford
  • András G. Pintér
  • Lee Christie
  • Michael Josephson
  • Bevin Flynn
  • Elizabeth Donnelly
  • Adrian Belcher
  • Richard COoper
  • Pontus Böckman
  • Brad Levin
  • Martin Iddon
  • Kash Farooq
  • Darren Thomson
  • Ralf Neugebauer
  • Erik Åkesson
  • Laurie Phillips
  • Alan Henness
  • Yngve Sjølset
  • Sophie Bulmer
  • Mike Agg
  • Linda
  • Venus
  • Kevin Friery
  • Sven Rudloff
  • Graeme Wells
  • Andy
  • Ashley McNally
  • Richard Wiseman
  • Mike Hall
  • Mark Crislip
  • Robert Llewellyn
  • Elizabeth Pisani
  • Nicola Throp
  • Paul Zenon
  • Brigitte West
  • Beauty by the Geeks

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  • Elaine Hutton
  • Alex Orr
  • Andy Beale
  • Bob Blaskiewicz
  • Luis García Castro
  • Joe DeBarr
  • Zoe Elise Breen
  • Skeptiker-Konferenz
  • Ian Meikle
  • Ian Forrester
  • stells
  • Daniela Rudloff
  • Jacques Rousseau
  • Jen
  • Michael Hales
  • john hulls
  • Carol Bailey
  • Tim Farley

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